Chihayafuru 2 episode 11: taking notes like a boss

chihayafuru tsutomu


After a little bit of a dramatic scene where Nishida is afraid that Tsutomu will eventually turn into a supporting role only, it is decided that he still won’t play for this match, causing Nishida to get all mad and not listen to what Tsutomu has to say about strategic play. Once the match starts, everyone remember Tsutomu’s advice about the other team and wins without much trouble. It is agreed that Tsutomu will play in the next match, and friendship times happen before they all prepare for their second playoff match.chihayafuru team

Up against First Akashi Girls High School, who’ve been using the same order all along, Taichi is unsure which order to put, and decides that Chihaya will face the other team’s ace, whose confidence is somewhat overwhelming.


Man, so much drama…

I was glad to see that Tsutomu was going to play in the end, although I have a lot of trouble seeing why it was such a big deal that he didn’t play. To begin with, I thought the whole thing with Nishida was unnecessary and brought needless drama. If he wanted Tsutomu to play, he should have simply said so; saying he didn’t want to and then getting mad at him for accepting his idea was childish, and I didn’t particularly like his way of approaching the matter.chihayafuru nishida

What I did enjoy, however, was Chihaya’s decision in the end. With all the information written on the paper, it probably tired Tsutomu a lot, and the way he fell asleep during the match only proves it. Chihaya saw this, and made a decision out of compassion rather than selfishness, something very admirable in my opinion. I was also really impressed with what Tsutomu actually wrote about the players. Those were some really detailed notes he took; to be able to get all that out of observing and talking to the opposing team must have taken a lot of energy indeed. My admiration for this guy really went up in this episode, and he was definitely better off not playing in the first half in order to observe the other teams. I’m sure it’ll help Mizusawa a lot in their next match-ups.

She makes this seem like a life or death situation...

She makes this seem like a life or death situation…

chihayafuru ousaka

Moving on, I can’t wait to see Chihaya go up against Ousaka. She’s strong, she almost won against Yamamoto Yumi, and she should definitely prove to be a really tough opponent against Chihaya. I’m glad we’ll be able to see such an amazing match, and I’m sure next episode will be awesome.

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