Chihayafuru 2 episode 14: victory

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chihayafuru luck of the drawThe match between Mizusawa High and Akashi High draws to a close, as Nishida gives a win to the other team and Kana brings her own win for our main characters. The match between Taichi and his opponent also ends in a victory, and after a long drawn out battle Chihaya loses against Megumu by a very small amount of cards. Stressing out in a luck of the draw, Komatsu is the only one left, and he wins the luck of the draw by stealing the opponent’s card. Mizusawa is quite happy of this victory, all except Chihaya, who is extremely deceived that she has lost her match. Despite this, the whole team prepares for the finals against Fujisaki High, who should prove an immense challenge not only to Chihaya, but to the whole team as well.


Man, I freaking loved this match the whole 3 episodes that it lasted. I’m a little bit disappointed with the end of it, but that’s probably just because of the final results of the match.

I’m really happy that Mizusawa won the match in the end, and that they will be moving on to the finals in the end. It would’ve sucked for them not to get there once more and to leave us hanging for yet another year. I really hope that they do win in the finals as well; although whether Mizusawa wins or not won’t change much to their reputation now, since the last match definitely made them shine. All of a sudden, they went from being nobodies to a well reputed team, and that’s what’s important. The more reputed Chihaya is, the closer she is to becoming Queen. At least, that’s how I see it, since it means she’s worthy enough to be considered strong.

she also looks really boss  in this picture

she also looks really boss in this picture

What I did find extremely heartwrenching though was Chihaya’s loss against Megumu. The last episodes built up lots of suspense as to who was going to win, even giving much character development to Megumu and seeing her change to try and beat Chihaya, and a lot of that really made me cheer Chihaya on like never before.chihayafuru sad She was so into it and I was so proud of her immense improvement that I thought for sure she’d win her match; despite all that, not only did she lose by a really small margin, but she also lost the Impassionate Vows card. It’s a real disappointment to see that despite all that hard work, she still can’t win against a strong opponent; which means she probably still won’t stand any chance against Shinobu in the individual tournaments the next day… Chihaya is so close to her goal, and yet I feel like the skill she is lacking at the moment may take twice as long to acquire than whatever she acquired so far; it’s hard to improve on something which you think you can already master well.

My face had basically the exact same expression as her when Komatsu won.

My face had basically the exact same expression as her when Komatsu won.

Although I was sad that Chihaya lost to Megumu, I was also really impressed by Komatsu, who really gambled everything and won a luck of the draw. To be honest, I never thought he’d be able to get a card that freakin’ quickly. I was positively surprised, and the way he actually won was completely epic; I never thought Komatsu would win them the game. During the whole match he was forgotten, and only at the end did he really shine; that was awesome. Another impressing thing which happened was Kana bringing the first victory for Mizusawa; honestly, the improvements that she has shown over the course of this tournament makes me think that she’ll be moving up a class extremely soon; I’m pretty sure she’s worth being a B-class already.

chihayafuru wakamiyaMeanwhile, we got a bit more background on Wakamiya, or at least we understood a bit more just how weird she was. To be honest, I didn’t get much more out of her than when she showed what she thought about team tournaments the other day, except that, for her, karuta is not just a game where she can play with her friends. As Arata said, she’s too strong, and probably believes that it is impossible to play karuta with friends “if you love it enough”; in other words, if you’re strong enough to be a pro. She probably doesn’t have many friends who want to play karuta with her in the first place, and my guess is that’s what brought her to think the way she does right now about team karuta. It might also explain why she is so close to Arata… If he’s one of the only people she used to be able to play against, then she’d obviously think highly of him.

To conclude, I have to admit that this episode was awesome just as much as the other 2 episodes covering the match between Akashi High and Mizusawa High. This match is now my favourite of this season, and my hopes of seeing an even better one soon remains, since our main characters now move on to the finals and will eventually begin the individual tournament as well. Man, I love this show.

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