Chihayafuru 2 episode 18: the passion of team karuta

chihayafuru shinobu lonely


The match goes on… The conclusion has yet to come.


*breathes out* Man, this was stressful… and still not over.

I don’t know how Taichi intends for their team to have 3 wins, but he said it with such conviction that it has to happen. After Nishida’s and Chihaya’s last 3 losses, it’s only normal that they’d finally win one. As for Taichi, well I sure hope his spirit brings him back up this 4 card lead, because right now he’s at a huge disadvantage. His bad luck shines through once more, but maybe one day he’ll pull off a victory even despite all that… One day…

chihayafuru taichi bad luck


I knew that Tsutomu and Tsukuba would lose this game; they were both facing A class players and it was pretty much an unfair fight to begin with. I am surprised, however, that Tsutomu lost before Tsukuba did, since this means that Tsukuba would technically be at a higher skill level than Tsutomu… Unless his player was just more skillful, but it still might lead to something interesting in the future.

One Piece reference? Why not?

One Piece reference? Why not?

Next, I was utterly amazed once more by Chihaya’s game sense. It’s kinda funny to see her go against Rion for cards way before anyone else starts to move; her game sense is just that good, after all. I’m pretty certain that she will win though, because Rion lacks practice and speed. Moreover, there are a lot of one syllable cards left on the field, and Chihaya is almost unbeatable when it comes to those; Rion is sure to lose this one. What makes this game a little less awesome is Chihaya’s injury, which will probably make her not participate/do really badly in the individual tournaments, which really angers me since I was waiting for literally this whole season to see that tournament. Hopefully she’ll see Arata at least… If she doesn’t I’ll actually start liking this show less for once, something which I haven’t been able to bring myself to do for the longest time. I’m hoping for some kind of conclusion to happen this time…

Moving on, I definitely had a good time of learning more about Shinobu’s personality. All of a sudden, it makes so much sense that she’d be such a bitch to everyone; for someone who has been a lone wolf all her life, it’s only normal that she’d look down on others who act differently than her. I feel bad for her though…

chihayafuru shinobu surprised


It also makes sense that she’d be so close to Arata. From what I’ve understood, he’s the only one her age that was able to beat her as she was growing older, which means that he was probably the only friend she ever got in karuta society (maybe even in her whole life). It would explain their strong bond; on another really random note, it would also explain why Shinobu is so freakin’ weird. Her character is becoming more and more awesome. I still like Chihaya way better though, but she is definitely becoming worthy of being a good rival.

It seems like she has changed a little bit while watching this match, however; to be honest, I couldn’t understand her better. This match showed Mizusawa’s spirit so much that I enjoyed this episode a lot despite the slight repetition seen from watching all the other matches before this one. I’ll be happy that this tournament is ending so that we can move on to other things, but at least it seems like the tournament will have an awesome conclusion to it. I can’t wait for next episode!

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