Chihayafuru 2 episode 19: Taichi’s luck

chihayafuru victory


MIZUSAWA WINS!!! Honestly, making summaries for these matches is just ridiculous.


O_O Did I just see Taichi rely on luck and win?!

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Honestly, if anything that part was what surprised the most. I assumed that Mizusawa would win, but I never thought they would do so in such an awesome manner. For Taichi, who completely relies on his play style of memorization and logic, to turn around and suddenly pull a Chihaya out of his ass was pretty darn cool.

chihayafuru chihaya faceTalking about that girl, it was pretty assumed that she would win this match already. To begin with, she’d already lost 2 matches in a row, which means she couldn’t lose another one… She was also on her way to victory last episode, but I think my first argument suits this show way better. I can only say the same thing of Nishida, except that the luck of the draw in the end made things a little tougher to guess; Taichi’s luck is terrible after all… But the fact that they synced their cards to match meant that they learnt from the last game against Hokuo, and I thought that was a nice little addition to this luck of the draw thing which is becoming a little repetitive to be honest.

chihayafuru taichi lookAnyways, this episode was awesome. I was on the edge of my seat all the time, and Taichi’s comeback was so darn awesome that I might’ve gone a bit fangirl over him, but then Arata came along and Taichi flew out of my mind in seconds. Also, now that the team tournaments are finally over, we can move on to more interesting things like the individual tournaments (where Chihaya probably won’t be playing, unfortunately).

I can’t wait until next episode! We should be able to see some emotional get together between Taichi, Arata and Chihaya. I have a feeling next episode will be more of the relaxing type, something in between tournaments just to ease our minds off matches for a bit and enjoy a bit of romance. I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

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