Chihayafuru 2 Episode 24: Impassionate Play

chihayafuru arata calm


Following Taichi’s win, Chihaya goes to see the Class A match between Arata and the Queen. After a close fight, Arata wins against the Queen with his good skill and peace of mind, which means that he will be going to a Tokyo university.


Well, Chihayafuru certainly impresses once again! This is proving to be one hell of a good streak of final episodes.

I was really happy with what I saw in this episode. The match between Arata and the Queen was really intense and absolutely perfect; I’m actually pretty surprised the Queen lost. After only a year, Arata not only came back to how good he was before, but he also became even better than the Queen herself; he’s an even stronger opponent than Chihaya could ever imagine. I did find it interesting that Shinobu had a fever though; maybe she wasn’t playing as good as she would, meaning that Arata only won on a fluke… Whatever it is, we can’t hide the great skill he showed in this game.chihayafuru match rivals

His style of play is one which I personally really like. He’s calm, he never gets taken over by emotions, and he doesn’t only rely on speed to get his cards. Just like Taichi and Komatsu, he thinks about card placement and the opponent’s style of play, but he adapts himself to their style even better than both of them, while going to an incredible speed and staying as calm as Buddha. He’ll need all those skills to go against the Master, and probably even more, but his style of play is absolutely great and almost flawless; I love it.

chihayafuru chihaya surprisedNow, it seems that Chihaya showed how much potential she has once more, as she proved that her eyes are good enough to go against Shinobu and Arata. She has eyes, she has ears, now she just needs to have the physical speed, accuracy and peace of mind necessary to be at their level. I think that she’ll learn a lot from seeing Arata play more often, seeing as his strength relies on staying calm all the time, and one of Chihaya’s big flaws at the moment is her inability to stay focused at all times. It’s also obvious that her loss against the Queen will get her to practice even more over the course of the next year.

chihayafuru tsukuba winFinally, I’ll be looking forward to next week’s episode with great enthusiasm; there are many things which need to still go on. Tsukuba and Tsutomu are both in finals with chances of going up a class (and we haven’t seen any of their matches yet, too), and I wonder if they’ll win or lose; if they both win, Mizusawa High will definitely have dominated everything in this tournament; apart from A class, they’ll have won everything else, which is really impressive. Another thing which needs to happen is that Arata needs to tell Chihaya and Taichi that he’s going to Tokyo; now that’s going to be interesting.

See you next week~

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2 Responses to Chihayafuru 2 Episode 24: Impassionate Play

  1. Josy says:

    I don’t remember if it has been said in the anime already, but Shinobu never defeated Arata in her entire life… I’m not surprised that she lost again. 😀

    • Myst says:

      They didn’t specifically say it, but I think it was undertoned a lot… Since it wasn’t clearly said I omitted it for this part, but I guess she’s keeping the streak of losses going!

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