Chihayafuru 2 Episode 25 [Final]: Passion

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chihayafuru peaceAfter the tournament, where Taichi, Tsutomu and Tsukuba successively won classes B,C and D, Chihaya goes to the hospital to get her finger checked out, where she learns that she has enchondromatosis and must have surgery to fix it. She does so during her Summer break, and during her convalescence she calls Arata to ask for tips on improving her karuta. Thus, she finally realizes her feelings for him; in the end, she is invited by Coach Sakurazawa to go to a camp with other Mizusawa members, and she ends up going alone with Taichi due to Kana’s schemes.


*sobsob* such a good episode… Where’s the third season?

I somehow expected Chihaya to get injured so bad that she would have to stay at the hospital, but it ended up being a lot less worse than I expected. Of course, enchondromatosis (also known as the Ollier disease) was definitely not caused by her injury; it just so happens that she had this rare disease that sounds ridiculously fatal. In a way, it pretty much forced Chihaya to calm down and start thinking for once, which also slowed down the pace of the show a bit; it added freshness to the episode, and honestly I’m quite overjoyed that Chihaya was given time to think.

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The reason for that is, obviously, the realization of her feelings for Arata. It was so sudden and I didn’t expect her to realize it so quickly; but, I obviously fangirled like absolute crazy when she did (I did mention I was an Arata fan, right?). The producers added even more when we got told all of a sudden that the main reason Chihaya was playing karuta (which is the center of her life) was because she wanted to be with him… *sob* It’s so cute I think I might die…

chihayafuru taichiNow, my question is: where the hell is my third season? And why end this in such a BASTARD CLIFFHANGER LIKE THIS?!?! *sobsob* (I’m crying a lot in this post) This second season was already a present from Heaven and barely made it in production (not for profits, solely because the producers wanted to do it), and now they’re leaving this open-ended again? I thought it’d be impossible for a third season to happen, but with an ending like this, I’m having doubts again. I really wish my doubts are founded with much truth, because if I get more Chihayafuru I’ll be dancing on my roof for 2 days. I’ll keep hoping~

Overall, this last episode was absolutely great; the only problem I have with it is its ridiculously open ending which will be a terrible ending if no other season comes along. Of course, the “if” is what makes this whole problem only half of one, but I thought I’d mention it… Apart from that, I can only say it was an amazing episode despite its slower pace and lack of karuta. In fact, it actually made the episode better since it felt fresher that way.

Man, that girl likes to freak out for no reason.

Man, that girl likes to freak out for no reason.

That’s it for the Chihayafuru season 2 coverage! A final impression about the whole show will be following shortly within the week (probably around Wednesday I think), so be sure to check for that 🙂

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