Chihayafuru 2 episode 5: the rivals meet once again

chihayafuru determined


Mizusawa High school has guaranteed itself a place in the finals! Which isn’t too surprising, but they are still up against Tokyo’s other very strong team, Hokuo. This being the second year against them, their captain, Amakusa, tries to predict their order with Retro so that they can win easily, however Retro decides to play fair and to put their ace against Mizusawa’s ace, and so on.chihayafuru retro

It turns out that the Hokuo graduate Sudou is the reader, and he puts immense pressure on the current Hokuo students, who try their best to win. This puts Mizusawa High in a bit of trouble, and without long Nishida loses with a 13 card difference.


Finally, a serious match! The last two episodes were pretty cool, but to be honest, this karuta match was a heck of a lot more interesting. There’s a lot more suspense when Chihaya doesn’t win by a 25 card difference…

In fact she’s even losing right now? It seems like she was focusing a little too much on practicing for the individual national tournament, and not enough on the match she was playing right now. She tried once again to play a style that doesn’t suit her, and although I can see that she clearly improved since the last time she tried doing something like that, I must say I wanted to see her crazy karuta style where she blows everyone away like she did with that last card. When you think of how she was last year against Sudou, and how she is this year against Amakusa, you really realize just how quickly this girl has managed to improve, and just how much she improved. Her goal to beat the Queen isn’t as far away as I would have thought when I first saw her play karuta… And it’s only been a year.chihayafuru practice

Meanwhile, we’ve seen other people improve by a whole lot as well. Seeing Kana kick her opponent’s ass like that was really cool; I honestly never thought she would become this good already. She definitely found her own style and I love it! The only problem with it is that she seriously needs a good reader, or else she’s screwed. Apparently she also needs a hakama to be able to play well… Hey, girls with big boobs also have their own problems, apparently. I almost wanted to punch her opponent’s face through a wall, just from the way he was looking at my adorable Kana-chan.

chihayafuru sisterMoving on to the other side, I found it really admirable of Retro to play fair and put everyone of the same level against each other. It made the match a lot more interesting, and definitely brought him up in my heart… But then I remembered he was going out with Nishida’s sister, and I cried a little on the inside. That was definitely something unexpected… I find it a little depressing for Nishida since his sister didn’t even bother to cheer for him once, which just shows how much of a great sister she is. Didn’t she have a crush on Komatsu also? I guess that went down the drain… Man, what a bitch.

Next episode Chihaya’s getting serious! I seriously hope she wins, despite this 4 card difference with Amakusa. She finally switched mindsets to one who will use her own style, and there’s a clear difference with what she was doing before. If her opponent isn’t careful, he’ll get destroyed by her (and then by Sudou afterwards). I’m looking forward to seeing who will win this regional tournament in the end!

Man, I missed this guy's sadism.

Man, I missed this guy’s sadism.

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