Chihayafuru episode 17: Pointing finger on the injured

Chihayafuru season 2 injured

Oh noes, Chihaya was injured this episode. It seems like at every single tournament she finds a reason to mess up badly in one way or another. They did manage to make it to the final this time, but it is already pretty set in stone that they won’t actually win the nationals. After all they are against a team that is many time better than them and who have an actual manager instead of an old tennis teacher. It just feel like it would be bullshit if somehow they actually manage to win this one. They already did pretty good considering the circumstances and I think that even if they were to lose that one it would be no big deal, I just hope that Nikuman-kun and Chihaya win it at the very least. Nishida managed to fuck his whole team in nearly every single one of the matched, it would be just about time that he did something worthwhile before he gets kicked out of the team and replaced by some useless D-class player who can actually play for two shits.

Chihayafuru season 2 standing ovation

This episode there was a lot of focus on the colour of the cards and since it was not really Chihaya forte it just seemed a little bit boring to have so much attention on those when instead we could have seen her practice her other play styles. It is also kind of dull that the show has already spent so much time in the previous games that now everything is starting to feel a lot more repetitive. I seriously hope that the show will step up its game and stop pulling a Dragon Ball Z on us. A match of Karuta last a lot less than 2 hours, so why does it take 2 hours for us to see a match? We don’t have to see every single individual cards, It is really interesting to see Chihaya’s reaction to her injuries and how her team will respond to it, but it is something completely different to have Chihaya and Oe-san have another telepathic conversation about the colour of cards and pretty seasons. I don’t give a damn about the poem themselves, but I sure love the sport, so the more card tapping there will be, and the less colour and spring leaves, the happier I will be.

Chihayafuru season 2 season and colour

It was kind of interesting to learn more about Rion, but at the same time I didn’t really cared enough about her to have that much emphasis on her to begin with. I was much more interested in the Queen’s reaction of Chihaya. If there is two characters that I love see develop it is both the Queen and Chihaya, those two girls are really odd and yet really awesome at the same time and therefore they should be the one getting more air time, not the loser grand-mommy girl.

Chihayafuru season 2 baby

P-S I might be the one blogging this show for a little while instead of Myst until she is done with her finals exams.

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