Chihayafuru episode 22: a natural prodigy

chihayafuru shinobu


Chihaya faces the Queen in her match despite her injury, and loses by 23 cards.


That was… less epic than I thought it would be.

Not that this episode wasn’t cool. I honestly loved it, but I’ll admit that I thought Chihaya would do a better job against the Queen after she has practiced so much. I guess the manga has the intention to keep going for a long time, so I mean it’s obvious that she can’t be that close to her goal quite yet… Oh well. The fact that she had an injury also made things a lot harder for her, and hopefully she wouldn’t have lost that badly if she wasn’t… Man, it makes you realize how good Shinobu is when you think that Chihaya worked all year and only got one more card than the first time she played against her.chihayafuru determined

We can definitely see her improvement, however; her speed was getting closer and closer to that of Shinobu’s. Honestly, she really isn’t missing much to catch up to her in terms of speed; of course, that’s probably the toughest part to acquire in any sport (going from good to really good), but I have a feeling that in a year from now Chihaya will definitely have improved enough to have a fair fight against her. If she gets faced against the Queen, that is… Hopefully she will in a third season *whistles*.

She looks so cute, too ^.^

She looks so cute, too ^.^

Another thing which was really fun to watch was the Queen’s point of view on playing karuta. We already had enough information to know that she’d been all alone during her childhood as a karuta player, but to have our memories refreshed with more details made the whole story much more heartwarming. I felt bad for her when she had to say goodbye to Satoko, and yet at the same time when I saw her play against the older man I was completely flabberghasted; now that’s a prodigy. I’m glad she used her full potential; but I still feel bad for her. What Chihaya did to her was probably much more than what that dense girl would ever think she did; to Chihaya, it was admitting that the Queen was her rival; to Shinobu, she’d just made a new friend.

chihayafuru taichi rivalI’ll admit that this week’s cliffhanger didn’t really leave me hanging. After seeing such an important match, I’ll admit I don’t care too much about Taichi anymore. The fact that he’s up against Retro who has the exact same goal as he does makes things more interesting, but in the end I pretty much know that Taichi will secure victory on that one; if he doesn’t make class A now… He’s already at the proper level, he should definitely be able to get it.

Only 3 episodes left 🙁 I doubt a third season will ever come along… I’ll keep hoping for it though!

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2 Responses to Chihayafuru episode 22: a natural prodigy

  1. Vance says:

    “Man, it makes you realize how good Shinobu is when you think that Chihaya worked all year and only got one more card than the first time she played against her.”

    Actually, Chihaya took 5 cards throughout the course of their first match. She lost by 20 cards last time but 23 this time.

    • Myst says:

      Oh, really? I guess my memory wasn’t right, then, I was sure she took only one card. Well, it just makes it more sad, really, that Chihaya did even worse than the last time she was up against her…

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