Chihayafuru episode 23: stay calm

chihayafuru taichi calm


Taichi reaches the finals of Class B, while Arata and the Queen end in a face off for the Class A finals. Chihaya, torn between both matches, ends up going to see Taichi for his final match which could lead him to Class A. In the end, he finally wins against Rion, and finally reaches his goal after so long.chihayafuru manly tears


Woahh, and I expected this week’s episode to be bad? Gee, I guess Chihayafuru has surprised me yet again, because this was quite an episode to watch.

They made such a big deal over Taichi’s match against Retro, but I guess it really wasn’t a big deal at all… I didn’t think Taichi was such in a groove that he’d kick his ass so much. As soon as Chihaya showed up, though, of course he was going to be all flustered. For him, who assumes that Arata is all around Chihaya’s head and so he gave up on her completely, to see her watch his match instead must really make him feel nervous as hell. Of course he wanted to throw her back at Arata… Not to get his hopes up good idea. He sure had a good match though. His fall back from losing his cool in the beginning definitely didn’t affect him too much in the end; once he got his head back together, he massacred Rion completely.

chihayafuru rionThe last thing I want to mention about Taichi’s match is how Rion will turn out later on. That girl’s potential reminds me of Chihaya before she trained like an insane person; her potential is endless. Her game sense is unique, and if she can practice and be determined we’ll definitely be seeing her again in class A. The only thing I’m unsure about is her actual determination to improve; her mind isn’t quite there yet. I do hope we’ll see her improve though… I like raw diamonds that polish themselves.

I’m also extremely curious to see the conclusion of the Class A match. Arata is the only person so far whom we’ve seen as having so much of a chance against Shinobu; and he’s sure taking it with all he’s got. As for the Queen, it seems that his strength is actually disturbing her quite a bit; but she’s still holding her ground. We can’t forget that this match will decide whether Arata goes to a university in Tokyo or not, which means he would be able to see Chihaya much more often; if he loses, it’s too bad for him. I hope that Arata will be able to beat her… This will be a close match.

chihayafuru queen evilchihayafuru arata smile

Although I am an Arata fan through and through, I’ll admit that my heart melted a little bit in this episode’s last scene. It was so moving to see Chihaya break Taichi’s heart once more as he tried to force her to go see Arata like his White Knight self would want to do. The way they both cried was really emotional; I almost cried with them. I feel really bad for this kid… Chihaya is meant to be with another karuta maniac, not with someone who has a head on his shoulders. Sorry, Taichi…

chihayafuru cry

P.S.: I feel sad for Komatsu, who’s in the same room as Taichi, and yet no one looks at his match… I assume we’ll see more of him next episode, but I thought we would at least see a bit of his match against whoever he is.

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