Chihayafuru episode 7: family

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Chihaya is depressed… It seems like all her efforts are going to waste, and she still can’t be good enough to beat an A-class player with her precision. Seeing her about to give up, her mom brings her to the Oe shop, where she buys her a hakama for her to wear in karuta tournaments. This reminds Chihaya that her parents still believe in her, and it cheers her up in no time as she starts practicing again.

Even though she still fails at school... But that's no surprise.

Even though she still fails at school… But that’s no surprise.

She then makes the decision to lend the second floor of their club room to the music club, who decide to thank them by singing them the school anthem as encouragement for the nationals.


Oh my god, the feels!

This episode didn’t involve any epic karuta matches or any really emotional moments, but I still really liked it for some reason.


To begin with, it wasn’t do bad that we finally got an episode that was solely about Chihaya in this second season. I mean, she is the main character after all… The last  few episodes about Taichi and the newbies and Taichi were nice (I feel they kind of abused his background so far…), but I like Chihaya, too!

chihayafuru sisterWe also hadn’t heard anything from her family ever since they accepted her dream of becoming a karuta player. Family is always important, and they’ll always be there to cheer you up in the end. Chihaya’s mom was such a sweetheart to buy a hakama for her! I’m really glad to see that she supports her from the bottom of her heart, despite not giving her much attention overall. I also like the feeling that we get from Chihaya’s family that “as long as Chihaya plays karuta, everything will be fine.” Her mom said so herself, her dad still keeps collecting articles for her daughter, and her sister even changed her mind about quitting acting when she saw Chihaya get back up. This girl influences so many people, and yet she doesn’t even know about it… Clueless till the end.chihayafuru think

Moving on, I can’t wait to see Chihaya in that beautiful hakama! Her mom bought it for her, it’s an expensive one and it looks the best on Chihaya (who already looks superb in any kind of hakama), so I wonder what it is… Unless it’s the pink one that she tried on before… I kind of hope it isn’t because I preferred the blue one from last competition over it. Anyways, enough fashion talk.

chihayafuru phoneAnd on to romance talk! (This episode was for girls, let’s admit it.) Arata’s winning! *dances around* Apparently this love triangle will not last forever, as Chihaya is already showing some feelings for this man that she wants to see really badly. Now, obviously she remains clueless as a rock, but the fact that she called Arata right after that conversation of “is-there-anyone-you-think-of-at-night” as well as Taichi’s reaction when he saw her calling definitely makes things obvious. This guy knows that he’s lost big time; we all know it. Except Chihaya. Because she’s as dumb as a rock. But that’s fine. There’s still time 🙂

In the end, Chihaya got back on her feet pretty quickly, which wasn’t too surprising; one thing which did surprise me, though, was the music club’s encouragement. It was nice to see yet another group of people start to encourage them; Mizusawa’s club is gaining in popularity, group by group.

chihayafuru hononaAnother surprising thing was seeing Honona try her best at karuta at Shiranami society. She pretends that it’s all for Taichi, but Tsukuba ses it as well as we do: this girl loves playing karuta way more than some people. Now, she’l never become Chihaya material though, but I do see a lot of potential in her. Tsukuba is also improving extremely quickly, and I can see how promising they will become soon!

Next episode  should begin the Nationals for Mizusawa! Last year they didn’t make it, but what about this year? We shall see how it goes; personally I think they should definitely get farther than they did last year. I’m also anxious for the individual tournament, but that won’t happen until a bit later… The next episodes should prove to be really awesome!

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