Chihayafuru S2 episode 15: the best karuta players are always the weirdest

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chihayafuru rionAfter their win against Akashi High, Mizusawa prepares themselves to go against Fujisaki, for whom we have a short introduction. Their coach, Sakurazawa, replaces one of their strongest members for a second year, Yanashiro Rion. In the end, Chihaya ends up going against her, and everyone is ready for the match to start when the episode ends.


Awww, why did this episode have to end? The fun was just starting…

The build up we witnessed in those 20 minutes was pretty darn cool. I mean, the episode by itself wasn’t that great, but it gave enough background on Fujisaki High for me to anxiously wait for next week’s episode to come out. Next week’s match should prove to be completely awesome!chihayafuru fox eyes

Meanwhile, taking this episode alone, the few things I have to say concern mainly the Fujisaki team, whom we just started knowing. Man, these guys are so god damn weird! Taking out the forever straight-faced single girl of their team, the Arata look-alike’s perversion was as funny as it was awkward and the Tsukuba look-alike was also really freakin’ weird; but hey, at least he didn’t pull some weird ass facial expression whenever he opened his eyes. I guess this episode just emphasized how much all the good karuta players are weird. Their team consists of the best of the best, after all.

chihayafuru strictIf there’s one thing that makes me a little bit iffy about them would most likely be their strict coach. All the other teams we’ve met before were linked together by strong bonds of friendship or something of the sort; this time, we can see that it’s not the case at all for Fujisaki High. I mean, it’s not a bad thing to have a crazy good coach like Sakurazawa who guarantees them victory, but at the same time it seems like she pushes them a bit too far; this is only a high school tournament, after all, and I know I’ll be pushing forward Shinobu’s statement with what I’m going to say, but high school clubs should focus on having fun with everyone else a bit more rather than instigate fear in the club members so that the school can win. The match has just started, however, and knowing this show I expect to see more development on that point.

chihayafuru kanaAnother thing I want to talk about is how freakin’ awesome Kana is becoming in this show. I swear, she is strong, passionate, determined and extremely passionate about karuta (yes, I said passionate twice). We see her improve more and more towards her goal, and her love for karuta poems gets me everytime. She has been on such a streak of awesomeness these past few episodes, by helping Chihaya then winning and then winning again, despite having a sprained finger. I just had to state how much I love her~ The development she went through since the first time we met her is incredible, and so far she’s my favourite secondary character except for Arata.

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