Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai [First Impression] episode 1: Vanish into the embraces of dark flames

I had no idea what I was going into when I started this show, I must say that the first thing that really got my attention was the opening. WHAT THE FUCK? Seriously, I think I was second away from having a seizure because of that wicked opening. It wasn’t good, it was an eye destroyer. Don’t mess with my vision so much, I think I had a few cones that burned out right away from seeing it.

Stop that OP now !

Now, if I disregard this frankly unpleasant moment, the show itself was absolutely hilarious. I’m usually not too much into slice of life / high school stories, but this time around I might make an exception. I believe this show might fall into a comedy / romance slightly more than a real slice of life, which I appreciate. The main subject of the show is simply too awesome to miss. A young freshman who wants to get rid of his humiliating past, but a colleague of his just has to absolutely shatters his dream of normality.

If that’s a weapon, Mary Poppin was a serial killer

I don’t know if it is because I’m absolutely sadistic or if I’m just a sucker for inaccessible dreams, but I simply loved seeing Yuuta has his ambitions and efforts destroyed the very first day of the school. You already know at this point that there is no way he is ever getting rid of his past and that instead he might very well just be lead to embrace it even more. I think it is a good thing overall, we are who we are after all, it is never a good sign when you have to force yourself to change to fit in. Instead, you should focus on finding people just like you that can accept who you are.

We can already see that they are made for each other

And if who you are implies a Wicked eye or being called the Dark Flame Master, well it might be more complicated to make friends, but who cares ! You’ll be happier this way and, it provides us which such quality entertainment. Especially when you use the Konomi code on a vending machine and actually win something this way. The show is so intense when Takanashi is around, she just as her own way of making everything around her just so much cooler than they really are. Maybe it is because I’ve read all the books, but she reminds me an awful lot of Luna from Harry Potter. She lives in another world, her imagination leads her life more than logic or anyone else around her.

*starts singing Imagination song from south park*

I recommend this show if you want a lighthearted comedy, I don’t expect anything big out of it, if anything it will make you laugh and help you pass time. I will personally blog this show, or at least do so until it starts sucking out of nowhere and become repetitive.

ZeroGhj signing off

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