Classroom Crisis episode 1 [First Impression]: The Transfer Student

classroom crisis iris

Well then, that was a surprise. Anyone down for some spaceship business?

If the reader decides, just like I have, to go and visit MyAnimeList and to type “Classroom Crisis” into the search bar, you’ll notice that we find this show which has its genres categorized as “School Life, Slice of Life” and nothing else. Therefore you, like me, may have expected to find a cheesy and stupid comedy show about children going to school. Then you, like me, would have been surprised. Very surprised.

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This anime doesn’t just depict children playing school-times and being dramatic over losing friendships. What we have here is an institution, building spaceships, and to top it all off, their institution is about to get destroyed by the company Director because he thinks that the money is wasted on them. Whatever I expected when I started the first few minutes of the show, those expectations were completely twisted around as we turned up with something much more epic than just a Slice of Life in the end.

Unfortunately, I think the epicness will probably end this episode. From the way the characters are portrayed, I assume that in about 3 episodes the show will diverge into pointless fillery episodes which demonstrate the “friendship” of all the characters together, but really all they do is cut out the story from becoming anything important. I doubt that Classroom Crisis will become an anime with such a serious storyline as the first episode suggested, with all them hostages and stuff. classroom crisis kiryu

If there is anything I believe to be worth watching for this show, it would be its impossibly amazing main protagonist, the transfer student Kiryu Nagisa. He’s quite the asshat. I like asshats. With all due hopes, I wish he would remain one at least for the first few episodes. As for the other characters, I didn’t really get a good vibe from any of them; I mean, they’re all supposed to be weird and quirky, but I thought they were just boring. Guess they didn’t quite do their job right, did they?

So, to watch or not to watch? That would be a question, except that the characters are pretty much all too boring for this show to be worth the watch more than just as a pastime anime. Got nothing else on your list? Sure, watch it. Otherwise? Nahh, better off to go watch something else, because I don’t really see this anime come off as the greatest anime of the season.

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