Code Geass: Akito the Exiled [First Impression] Episode 1: so it begins

I don’t know where to start, so let me say this: THIS IS IT. If this show is not the best of the season, I have no idea how something will manage to beat it. It is Code Geass; a different place, different people, but the same time, the same universe.

The Elevens are fleeing Area 11: some have taken refuge in the E.U, but they are still slaves and second citizens even when they get there. The Black Knights are fighting in Area 11, but they have no real influence all the way to the E.U. We are in a different atmosphere, different politics and different rules. Yet, everything looks so similar, it is uncanny. The show takes place in the 1 year gap where Lelouch was inactive, that one year where C.C and Suzaku were busy doing their things…and it seems we will see them appear in the show soon enough too.

Same people, same time

But let’s stop talking about our memories of the original Code Geass, and let us go into this new arc’s complexities. We will watch the show mostly from the point of view of a E.U military officer who is an Eleven sympathizer. It is most interesting to see how corrupt the E.U really was. From the small glimpse we had during the original Code Geass, we had no idea that their democracy was in such poor shape that the union had practically a tier system as well. From the small fragment of information we were shown, we already know that there is an elitist class among the E.U who seem to be just as powerful as the nobles from Britania. You know you have power when you take a little girl in custody in order for her to marry her to your youngest son. That’s borderline incest, but disregarding that fact, isn’t it weird to see an arranged marriage inside a democracy? One would usually associate a democracy with freedom and equal rights, especially in a society based in a Europe that lived a french revolution which completely redefined the map of the world.

Different politics, different empire, same problems everywhere, it simply has a different name

For those interested, here is a little summary of what happened historically speaking for the world of Code Geass to get where it is now (If you don’t care for history skip this paragraph). During the french revolution of Code Geass, the monarchy of Europe (mostly the monarchs and noble of great britain) fled to America to build the great nation of Britannia. Britannia would become an imperialistic, Monarchist Empire that, in due time, would conquer the world with its swift technological advancement and its emphasis on the military. Meanwhile in Europe, it seems that Napoleon Bonaparte did exist, but he was never crowned emperor of France, and instead he was beheaded. How did this affect the future of Europe as we know it? For starters, we know that the European Union was created much sooner, and its democracy existed for a longer period than it did in our world. Secondly, it means that Europe really adopted its democracy after the revolution and didn’t fall back into monarchy and fascism like they did in our world.

I actually like the CG effects for the fights, they are actually really well made for once

Anyway, let us go back to the heart of the show. I won’t describe the characters too much just yet, since we have just met them and it is rude to put etiquettes on people we have never met (see, I can use french too, just like Code Geass does everywhere this season although in their defense, the show takes place mostly in France). The important characters we have met so far are Akito, that Eleven dude who is really good at piloting a knightmare, and who also happen to have some sort of Geass. Our next little friend is Leila Malcal. She is a high-ranking officer in the army and she is in charge of a special project involving difficult operations. Because of the risk, she is only allowed to use Japanese soldiers as pilots, since the Elevens are disposable. She will be at the center of the story with Akita, that is a certainty. There are 4 people left that I believe are worth mentioning. 3 of them are the group of little terrorist that attacked Leila, they all have nice personalities and I cannot wait to figure out a little more about them, but so far their role and importance were quite limited. Finally, there is Xin, the Britannian with a Geass and whom I believe will become quite the important nemesis to Akito.

That guy reminds me too much of Rolo…and I hate Rolo

Speaking of Xin, I really do wonder what his Geass is all about. Is it one similar to Lelouch? I do believe that his Geass is simply a mark of murder, that anyone who is under his influence will kill himself willingly, but this is still to be confirmed. I would be disappointed if  his Geass power was the same as Lelouch, since I believed that Geass were different for everyone; that Geass were a representation of one’s hidden power.

Xin look like an interesting guy, that cannot be denied

Since we are on the subject of Geass, there were still many questions left unanswered last season, and I have a feeling that most of those questions will be explained in this one. If I guessed right, Akito knows a lot about Geass power: he seems to be able to communicate with the dead fluently and he wishes to die, claiming to have died once already. this makes me think of so many possibilities, but I am certain of one thing…Geass will be involved in that story.

He’s a Jedi, he can talk to the dead

Now, Let’s go back a little and look at some of the similarities between this show and the original. We already have a guy who excels at Knightmare combat and who has a death wish, and we have a couple of friends with great minds and ambition who want to create a place for themselves, a country of some sort. Next, we have Xin who has the ambition of a king and the power that goes with it. Put all of these together, and you will see that amidst the social critique that is the show, you have a formula really similar to the one we already had before. There is one major change: no high school life this time around which, to be honest, I am most thankful for. It was interesting to follow Zero’s double life, but I’m glad that we can skip the ridicule slice of life events and go straight to serious business, mecha, Geass, death, politics; that’s what I’m talking about.

I love this stare, I want to see more of him now

If you haven’t seen the original Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion, I would recommend that you watch it before watching this new arc. While the arc is not a continuity from the previous arc, it seems that there is already a great deal of flashbacks straight from episode 1 and reference to things that were explained and seen in the original 50 episodes. Having said that, you could probably watch this show from here and understand everything just fine too.

C.C doesn’t wait long to show up again

We’ve had an hour special to introduce us to Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, and it was one hour well spent. Will this arc beat the original? I’m doubtful, but it sure can try. It starts strong, but Akito is not Lelouch, so we will have to see just how awesome this show can get. Having said that, this show will most likely be the best thing around for a while for every mecha, action and seinen lovers. We’ve just hit gold, time to sit back and enjoy it every week.

ZeroG signing off

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