Code:Breaker [first impression] episode 1: an eye for an eye

First Impression


Honestly, I’d read the first chapter of this manga, and I wasn’t deceived with this anime adaptation. This is awesome.

Smells like rape.

Keeping the traditional shounen genre, I was definitely impressed with what was given to us in this first episode. The character potential is probably what made this so much better, despite its cliché concept and overused shounen aspect. Heck, they’re overused, but the well-made ones are freakin’ awesome, and Code:Breaker seems like one of them.

It’s impossible to say yet if this will turn out great or if the storyline will end up in the gutter like many anime do, but right now, it has a good start. What makes it so noticeable is the amazing quality that’s been used to draw out the characters as well as the fight scenes. I’ll give props to the animators, and even more props to the manga author for building such awesome characters.

Sakurakouji seems like a real tough beauty. Popular and good at everything she does, one of those things just happened to make her able to fight off a whole gang by herself. If it wasn’t for that taser which, I should mention, should have knocker her out cold much more than that, she would have gotten away with fighting off 10 people on her own. Now that’s pretty badass right there.

As for Ogami Rei, the character potential on that kid is amazing. Whatever his reasons are for “taking out the trash”, they sure seem to be some pretty damn awesome reasons. I only get more and more curious with what this guy will give us over the season, and I’m expecting a lot out of him.

dat glare.

So basically, this show is one of those “seems like it’ll be really awesome, but you never know” kind of thing. Next thing we know, the producers could make an original ending and turn it into another Ao no Exorcist. However, my hopes are up for now, and my recommendation follows my hopes rather than my doubts. This show is one to watch.

Watching: Possibly
Blogging: Possibly (though not weekly)


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