Coppelion episode 1 [First Impression]: Anti-Radiation Puppets

Coppelion girls

I was looking forward for Coppelion since it was announced for Fall 2013, I am an avid fan of both science-fiction and seinen and therefore this show matched with my taste perfectly. Now that it is here I have mixed feelings about the show. I am not disappointed, but not impressed either. The show is definitively a sci-fi and it is definitively a seinen, but the first episode wasn’t exactly the most revealing and interesting episode there could have been. We did get to know a bit about our setting and our main characters, and it did gives rise to multiple possibility of discussion about human genetic manipulation and the exploration of science in general, but nothing was really actually explored this episode (although I guess this should have been expected from a first episode).

Coppelion eating

What really worries me about Coppelion is that although the ending theme was gorgeous, the art of the show is beautiful, but static. I just fear that not much will ever happen and that instead the show premise will be mostly on talk between the girls…but the girls just don’t seem to appeal to me in any way. I have trouble establishing a link to the characters, not as much because they are girl, but because they seem way too emotionally unstable. Their look at the world around them and the way that they stop at every single feature of the environment makes me bored and uninterested. How am I supposed to relate to such alien characters? The main character might be colder, but she still acts like a hero with little personality and the two other girls are way too girly for a show about catastrophic event and science.  I guess the best way I could explain it is that I fear the characters might be too dumb to properly tackle the topic they are facing.

Coppelion in action

Then again, Seinen are usually very difficult to understand and predict from their first episode alone, I will definitively need to keep watching and blogging this show a bit more before I can have a firm idea of what it is about and what to do with it. I am certainly going to blog at least the second episode of the show and from there I believe I’ll be able to have enough information to make up my mind with Coppelion, if the show will go deep enough and if the characters will be interesting enough. If the show goes deeper with too naïve characters, it will fail and if the shows character gets more interesting but the topic they represent are never harboured, it will fail too.

Coppelion radiation

I’d still recommend to watch the first episode if you are a seinen fan, but remember that this show is closer to a seinen than a sci-fi or action show, I wouldn’t recommend the show to someone who wants a light action packed and cool looking adventure.

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