Coppelion episode 2: Dramatic Seinen…I love it

Coppelion picture worth thousand words

Such a shame, such a shame that my words are unable to illustrate the beauty and emotional reach of this show. Such a shame that despite my years of experience as a blog writer I am still unable to convey the emotions felt while watching this episode. I am but human after all and I have my weaknesses and Coppelion seems to be one of them.

Coppelion dad gonner

The show is really good. Better than I anticipated, better than I ever expected. It really has a dramatic element powerful enough to bring tears to my eyes after such a quick exposure to the show universe and its characters. The mix between the sounds, the pictures and the deep character made even this short story worth a million words…and yet I cannot find any. This kind of show, that revolves around emotions and feelings are really difficult for me to blog. I am skilled in science, technology, literary art (although my writing doesn’t always gives proper tribute to my knowledge) and history. Yet when it comes down to human emotions I am as ordinary and unskilled as any of us looking for answers.

Coppelion lot of tears

I won’t be blogging Coppelion this season because it would be too difficult for me to give proper review of each episode. It deserves high praise and a deeper emotional attachment that I can manage to produce each week. For those reason I will stop my coverage at this episode, but I certainly won’t stop to watch the show any time soon. I highly recommend this show to any and every Seinen lover out there, this is exactly the kind of depression yet highly rewarding experience that we are all looking for in a Seinen. After all life is difficult, life is cruel, but it is only because it is so that we can smile and enjoy every moment of it if we look at it the right way. The more we suffer, the stronger we become and we only need a single smile sometimes, from the right person, to have the strength to fight on in this terrible place we live in.

Coppelion hostage situaion

All we can do as we walk this earth is to hope to find this one thing in our life that will give it meaning and that will gives us a reason to move forward and to improve ourselves. The nihilist will constantly remind you of how futile life is, but this futility can gain meaning by the one we love. There is no point to why we live, but as long as we can be surrounded by people we care for and who are happy…who cares about the meaning of life really?

ZeroGhj signing off

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