Cross Ange episode 1 [First Impression]: Shattering Reality

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 I used to be a fan of Sunrise and enjoy every show they create. I think they put a lot of thought into their production and universes, it makes for very fun and complex anime. I think Cross Ange is no exception. The show features a lot of social challenge and present very strong character with drastic philosophy and view on life. In Cross Ange, we have a princess loved by everyone and who wishes to further improve everyone’s happiness by discriminating and exterminating people who are different from the norm…the Norma. Yet it turns out that she is herself one of those people and her world is shattered, she is banished from royalty, and from there she will need to fight as a soldier and redefine both who she is and what she stands for.

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In an ideal world, this would have been a perfect opening for a great anime. The show had drama, it had conflict, it had a world being shattered and it was true and cruel. Yet I couldn’t help but feel really bored and unimpressed by the show. The first major reason I had no interest in the show is because it is a bishoujo. I don’t like the genre in general, so it made this more difficult to watch and appreciate. Second reason the show seemed “meh” to me should be much more universal, while I did like this first episode, I know what the show will be about from now on, and I don’t really care to watch an anime like that. This first episode most likely is not representative of what the show will feel in general. In the future we will have an ex-princess fighting in a mecha against Dragons to survive. I really couldn’t care less about that premise. Yes the political games and the struggle to define oneself will be interesting, but not enough to make me want to watch this show.

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Despite my love for sunrise, I’ll have to give this anime a no-go. Cross Ange might be an excellent show for bishoujo fans, but it is not one for me. It is an anime with a lot of potential though, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more from it in the story once things start to pick up. If I hear Cross Ange is becoming one of the best shows of the season I might give it a second look in the future, but for now, it is not something I would consider to be interesting, and so I will skip it.

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