Cuticle Detective Inaba episode 1 First Impression : WTF

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There is no way in hell that I can manage to blog something like this. This show is beyond retarded, I mean, even by japanese standards. I’ll be honest here; I haven’t even finished the first episode, nor do I intend to do so. By the 10 minute mark my head was already gone, and only despair and hopelessness remained. I was just about to kill myself when I realized I could stop the video to regain some form of common sense.


Is this show even serious? I understand it is supposed to be some kind of weird fucked up humour but I cannot handle so much bullshit even when it is intended. There is a limit to how dumb things can be before my head starts exploding from the complete randomness.


I must say I was quite amused in the beginning; everything was really funny and the shock value was present and well done. The problem I have with the show is how fast paced everything is. I didn’t even have the time to get the previous jokes before 3 new ones were made. It was just joke after joke after joke and they were all of the same genre, completely unrelated and out of this world. I could have liked this show if the pacing of the episode was a bit slower, if there was a little more breathing room in between absurdities maybe I could have enjoyed this show a lot more.

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There really isn’t much for me to talk about this show. I disliked it, found it irritating and overall wanted to kill myself before even reaching the halfway point. If you like super fast absurd comedies with randomness thrown at you from everywhere, this show is for you. I really can’t say this show isn’t refreshing and different, it is really original in its pace story and genre, unfortunately my tastes simply don’t match that originality.


I won’t be covering this show this winter, nor do I plan to watch it. I’d recommend for everyone to at least take a glance at the first episode: this show brings something new and interesting and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people fell in love with it. I simply won’t be one of them.

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