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I really can’t put my finger on this one. D-frag! if an interesting comedy, but somehow I just can’t seem to find much anything that funny about it. I laugh from time to time at regular interval, I find most of the humour interesting, but I just never get to really get into the show or get interested in what I’m watching. After every joke my mind just drift away and I just want to watch or do something else instead. I’m unsure if it is the show itself or just my complete disinterest for school life settings, but either way I really can’t seem to recommend this show for anyone as I just feel like while it is fun, it is not entertaining enough to warrant spending 23 minutes watching it.

I’m not sure how I got to watch this and laugh so much and still have a bad opinion about it, I feel there is something really wrong that was done with this show or there is something really wrong with myself because after laughing so much I should be loving the show, not being completely indifferent towards it. Either way, since this is a comedy it would have been rather difficult to blog it, but nevertheless now I feel like even watching the show might be difficult for me, I just don’t have the interest to even look for a second episode next week, I’d rather just ignore it like I do most terrible show and forget how I actually laughed at it. So unfortunate, but I guess the setting was simply too lame for me to take interest.

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