Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai episode 1 [First Impression]: reading… and stuff…

daitoshokan main girl


Kakei is a heavy reader who goes to school but barely does anything except reading in the library. One day, he gets involved in a molesting scandal which allows him to communicate with another girl, Shirasaki Tsugumi, and she convinces him and his best friend to join her Happy Project, a project which consists in organizing fun events with the hopes that Tsugumi can be less awkward with people.


If, one day, you find yourself having nothing to watch and you’re bored, if one day you feel like watching some anime and yet you’re already up to date with all of the good shows of this season, then maybe you could bring yourself to watch this first episode. Otherwise, considering what came out already in the beginning of the season, this show is not worth anyone’s time.

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The show’s premise is probably among the most generic of all time; a man accidentally molests a girl, but in the end he joins her in a club or, in this case, a “group”, while 3 or 4 other girls center around the main character and risk turning this into a harem. Normally, the generic premise would be somewhat hidden with original jokes, fun times or cute personalities… But in this show, I see nothing of that; just plain, boring, average characters in a generic setting doing generic things. Woohoo.

daitoshokan kakeiThe only character I found interesting enough that it would make me want to keep watching was Kakei, the main male lead. With a passion for reading like no other and a wish to get out of the whole university bullshit asking him to do things he really doesn’t care about, there lies in him the premise of someone who will go chasing his dreams… But of course, this is a romance comedy centered around fun and friendship, so I doubt that there will be much focus and character development in that department.

This leaves us with basically nothing to expect out of the show. This first episode completely failed to make me laugh or anticipate for more episodes. I’m not necessarily saying that this was bad; but it clearly failed to do what anime was made for in the first place, which is to entertain the viewers. Therefore, as stated before, if you have nothing else to watch then you can always spend 20 minutes of your time to check out this first episode without expecting anything to bad; but honestly, I’m sure you have better things to do than waste those 20 minutes.

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