Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai episode 1 [First Impression]



Anyone remember that show which aired last winter called HighSchool DxD? Well I sure do, it was especially memorable for its ecchi and its boobs. Well, Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai is about just as great on that end and it looks very similar in style too.

Never believe a woman who wants sex on the first night

We have a Shinigami coming from the underworld to find a hero to suck up his energy before he dies so she can become even more powerful in the underworld. But meanwhile she is stuck with a perverted kid who has only 3 months left to live. I could care less if the guy had 2 days left to live, if it means that this succubus will get naked and peaked at more often, it is all that counts.

So kind of him to offer some oral to cheer her up

What were we able to see from this first episode? Boobs, red pubic hair, boobs, ecchi…hum, I guess there was also a kind of unique main character and some great action (and by action I mean tentacle rape). You know the show is going for glory when on the first episode there is already a scene of tentacle rape and you get to see the main character rape a demon. I don’t care what anyone else think, when it comes to quality, a scene of tentacle rape gives 5 stars in my book. I won’t pretend I understand a bit of what is going on in the episode except for the ecchi. But I figure that everything will be explained in time and even if it ain’t the case, who cares anyway.


The quality of the art is great, which is always an important factor when you are watching an ecchi, there were no censoring, which is a good thing. Most of all, I must say that I really liked the way the tits were done, I felt they looked more real than the usual way they are depicted in anime. It made it feels even more real, which makes it even better in my case. The action was also quite fluid and fun to watch, and I am not saying fun to watch only because of the boobs flying around.

She is pretty even when she’s wearing clothes, she is a keeper

When it comes down to the character themselves, I think the main character has such a unique personality that he will make everything else interesting no matter how dull they could have been. I also like tsundere in my ecchi, and that Shinigami fits the deal perfectly.

I cannot state my satisfaction, this show ought to be great…if you are into that kind of thing that is.

Possibility of Watching: Absolute

Possibility of Blogging: Absolute

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