Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai episode 2: Worst Trap Ever


When Ryosuke heard the words “special talents” I think he misunderstood the meaning of “special”. That is unfortunately a common recurring mistake in our youth nowadays, so many parents called their kid “special” instead of telling them they were retarded that the word special lost its meaning. Unfortunately for Lisara, she comes from hell and the modern slang don’t reach them really fast. All this miscommunication lead the duo to run into so many unfortunate encounter for nothing.

How does he even hold that second flute? that is true talent !

I mean, Ryosuke really did manage to find all the most retarded people he could at the school. It is difficult to find worse than a guy who never changes his underwear to stay fit. I really feel for Lisara, she came to earth to honour her clan and to find a grand man, but instead she found only retards and a perverted guy to give her her energy.

But she is kind of fortunate in her misfortune, while she is chased down by member of her own family, they seem to be just as stupid as the “special” people she saw on that day. I don’t know what Kyuuru had in mind with her evil plan, but I sure hope she was hoping for something a little more powerful. She put a trap on a random guy, ask him to shake a girl hand. First the guy refuses and she is forces to go in and make the two shake hands. Right away, you know that plan is going beautifully well. Not only did the trap itself failed to be a trap, but the effect of the trap was so pathetic. Lisara was caught in a sexy bondage fashion by ice chains? What an evil plan that will definitively kill her. I don’t even know what kind of advice to say in the future for Kyuuru, her plan was so pointless I don’t even know what was supposed to happen. Next time she might just go in and start fighting instead of having all this big scheme for nothing.

I was also surprised to see Mina catch up so quickly with what was going on between Lisara and Ryosuke. Usually this is the kind of show where no one knows what is going on until the very end. But I can understand how having Mina understand the “special” relationship between the two might spice up the story a little. Having a harem in an ecchi seems to be the norm, or even worse, a requirement nowadays, hopefully it will keep things interesting ecchi-wise.

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