Danganronpa: The Animation episode 1 [First Impression]: Let’s play a game

Danganronpa: The Animation Danganronpa

This show could really go either way between excellently fun and enjoyable to being a complete failure. The concept is extremely fun, 15 people and they have to kill someone to exit, but at the same time the setting and characters are so light-hearted that it makes it difficult that this show will really show us despair. I felt like the characters were straight out of a generic shounen more than from a dark horror show. Nonetheless, Danganronpa is the best horror show that has been presented in a while and I certainly hope that in just a few episodes we will already be able to feel the despair coming from the characters.

Danganronpa: The Animation despair

There have been 2 “opening” to this episode and while the one at the middle of the show seemed to be the real one, it was really unimpressive compared to the first one, so it makes me really curious to what we will see open up the show next week. The first of the two opening had a feeling really similar to what we saw in this episode. A really grim goal with very childish atmosphere. I really hope that the show gets a bit darker than this though, otherwise I feel like it could become quite a pain to watch.

Danganronpa: The Animation the students

The show is 17+ and death is certain to happen, but with such varied and stereotyped character design and with the main character being a teddy bear, it makes the premise of death and torture much more difficult to swallow. Now it has been shown that the 15 students now have a motive to escape that place and there seems to be some rules in the school that prevent them from doing certain activities.  Hopefully by next episode we will have our first case of death. The one thing I’m curious about is who will be the first to die. There are some obvious character that cannot die just yet, for example the main character, the idol and the girl which we didn’t get her background, but after that we have 12 more characters that are all slightly to highly likely to die soon.

Danganronpa: The Animation table reunion

If I had to choose, I’d want for the big kid to die first, since from all I could see he was just a fat idiot who doesn’t bring much to the table. I feel like his death would be more interesting than if he was alive for a little while. Having said that there is one thing that bugs me in the setting of Danganronpa. Every time someone kills someone else, he gets to leave. This means that for each person who dies, another person gets to leave the school. This is all great, but it also means that there is one person who won’t die or leave the school, since there are 15 of them. That person would be stuck in the school forever…or until a new wave of 14 students arrive. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the girl we have yet to know about was part of a previous group.

Danganronpa: The Animation Kyoko Kirigiri

This show is one of the best I’ve seen so far this season, so regardless of it’s high failure chance, I’ll be watching and blogging it throughout the summer. So stay tuned next week for the second episode of Danganronpa reviewed right here.

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