Danganronpa episode 10: Super Reality Show

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Now now, many things were revealed this episode and there are a lot of it that really doesn’t surprise me one bit although I wasn’t expecting it either. It all make much sense that the whole thing is a reality show set-up considering how things are done, at first I thought there was no excuse for it and that it was only for the sake of having an entertaining anime, but the show might turned out to have a more legit story than I expected from it. Now we also finally have access to every single room in that school and we have more information than ever.

Danganronpa murder classroom

Now, someone died and while it is obviously not Kirigiri, it is definitively someone since it was already declared that a body was found. Kirigiri claims that the body belonged to the Super High Schooler of Despair, but I feel like there is something quite wrong with this scene right now. I feel like to have this new character die so soon was both expected and yet a bit disappointed. If it was indeed that 16th student we will only learn about its whereabouts and actions through flashbacks in the future and we never got to see her face. Even more intriguing is the fact that the face of the victim was replaced by a bomb and therefore the “corpse” was made into a trap. Furthermore, the body was declared just much later on, and while it may very well be because Monokuma was inactive, Monokuma did claim that it has already been 2 years… for some reason. A lot of hints were given already, I just have trouble for once to make something out of them.

Danganronpa monokuma in pieces

The 16th High Schooler managed to get the knife back, Kirigiri showed up at Naegi’s bed right after, Kirigiri could enter the vault, the 16th High Schooler is presumed dead. If that was really the body, then I see only 2 options as to who is the killer here. Either Naegi killed the 16th student during his sleep and Kirigiri is the one who disposed of the body in such fashion or Kirigiri is the one who killed him in the first place. I have a strong feeling that Kirigiri might be the killer if the case is this straight forward…but I have many many doubt about all this and I feel like there is some really important information that I need to make sense of everything. I just find extremely fishy that the head of the victim was replaced with a bomb…a bomb quite similar to the one found in the body of Monokuma. Monokuma was dismantled only seconds before, so there is no way anyone could have replaced the head with a bomb just yet. I am unable to suspect anyone else than Naegi or Kirigiri from the student body to have done the murder, so I have to assume, for this story to make sense, that there is someone else, not among them, that is responsible for the murder. There aren’t many episodes left, so this could be the last or one of the last murder, it is also possible that Naegi is the killer without knowing it and that he ends up the only one left alive because he couldn’t convict himself…but who knows.

Danganronpa mask man with knife

I must say this is the first time that I am unable to have a clear guess as to what will happen next. I feel like a lot of new information appeared and it leaves me with just too many possibilities as to what happened. For final official guess, I’ll say that someone else outside of the students there did it, but it is as far as I know the best I can come up with. We are sure to find out next week how it will all turn out.


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