Danganronpa episode 11: Unfair Trial

Danganronpa final hour

Next episode marks the grand finale of Danganronpa and they managed to make sure that everything will actually be solved there and where everyone can escape the place with their lives. It is a rather good way to finish everything, a all or nothing tribunal to uncover the truth. While this episode didn’t had any murder committed, it definitively still send a challenge to everyone to try and figure out everything about this special school. I am pretty sure there are things we cannot figure out as we were not given enough information and it is also difficult to know when you’ve figured out everything about something or if there is one thing missing. I will try to solve most of the mysteries right in this post, although I already warn everyone that some of my guess my be pretty bad.

Danganronpa murder time

I think that the student in that school used to all be friends but their memories of it were lost. They might even have already attended that school in the first place, a couple years back. Their memories were all modified, Kirigiri having her memories the most heavily modified because of her great abilities. I also think it is pretty obvious that the 16th student is controlling Monokuma and he is the one responsible for everything, the mastermind behind it all and the masked man we previously saw.

Danganronpa challenge accepted

Another important truth that reminds hidden that I believe was revealed this episode is the presence of a 17th student, who is not the super duper student of despair, but rather an unknown student. That additional student is the reason there was an empty seat in the trial from the very beginning, Monokuma always represented the 16th student, the additional chair wasn’t for him, but rather for that one student who died before making it to the school. I believe that it is that students body that we found dead last episode and not the 16th student of despair as was claimed. I don’t know what that student was supposed to be all about, but I don’t think it matters much in the overall mysteries of the school.

At this point, this is all I had when it came to the mysteries of the school and I honestly don’t know what other mysteries there could be as none other come to head right now, but I am fairly certain that I missed quite a bit here and there.

Want to help me improve my list or add modifications to my claims? please write so in the comments below and let us discover all the secret of that Super Duper School before the next episode airs.

ZeroGhj signing off

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