Danganronpa episode 12: Mastermind Revealed

Danganronpa mastermind

I must admit that I am a bit disappointed with the current turn of events in Danganronpa, I feel like things might end up much more boring than I anticipated. It was a nice touch to have someone who is supposed to be dead reappear like that, but Junko’s completely fucked up personality just made everything look like a joke. I know that she must be crazy and a little bit expressive to have the role of the mastermind, but I wish she didn’t just had a maniacal laugh with her tongue out for her mug shot. It just take all the credibility of the mastermind away in one single instant.

Danganronpa super soldier frame

Otherwise I think that the show is making a lot of mistakes in their clues and assumptions. When Kirigiri showed her hand to everyone it was no proof of anything. If anything it made her look even more suspicious. If she was indeed the culprit and that she had the mark previously she could have easily burned her own hand recently to have the mark be invisible for the very point of that trial. The girl is intelligent enough to do so, yet everyone just took what they saw for granted and no one challenged her proof. I just find it sad that there is such a double standard in the quality of their evidence. If it is the culprit they need some solid twist and logical thinking, but when they go a bit off-road with side character they can have bullshit contrary reason and it will flow without problem.

Danganronpa Kirigiri burned hand

Another thing that bothered me this episode is that Kirigiri looks even more suspicious than she used to, She was missing so many clues and looked out of it for the whole episode. I’m starting to grow increasingly suspicious of her, even though Junko has been revealed to be the mastermind. Now the only thing left to know is if she is just tired or she had a role to play in all of this.

Danganronpa present

The last thing I want to point out is that the whole concept of the school was for it to be turned into a shelter…but a shelter from what? From the look of things it seems that maybe they aren’t trapped in there just for the purpose of their killing game and that instead they might actually have come to that school in the first place to protect and shelter themselves from unknown thing X. At this point in time I simply have no idea what it could be though as too much GTA V fried my brain a little bit.

Next episode is the last episode and it is when everything will be finally revealed or where everyone will die a pathetic death as losers. Although it is 99% certain that the good guy will win since this show remains really generic and predictable overall.

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