Danganronpa episode 13 [Final]: Lame

Danganronpa Junko unrealistic boob

This was definitively the lamest ending that could have ever existed for a show. I mean we could have probably finished everything last episode and it wouldn’t have changed anything really. This final episode definitively wasn’t worth watching by any mean. I can’t even say that I’m surprised by how bad and lame it was either. Since the very beginning of Danganronpa it was rather evident that the show was generic and lame at its core, but the very concept it represented made it kind of enjoyable overall. I think that I was prepared from the beginning never to like or believe in the setting or story of the show and to concentrate on the actually clue-like game it had going on, but now that we actually had the ending revealed it just reminds me of how lame Danganronpa really was.

Danganronpa desperate world

I don’t even feel like discussing too much about this episode, because in the end there was nearly nothing that was revealed. We were supposed to have a big finale revealed of every mystery of the school but we really barely got to scratch the surface and just about everything that we saw we already knew since ages ago. We still don’t have a much better idea of what is going on in the outside world, we still don’t know what despair actually is and what it represents in more concrete fashion and we still don’t know what monokuma is all about. I think the show never intended to actually have answer to any of the questions. It is some kind of sick reality tv show for the despair-infected citizen of the world, but yet we don’t even have any confirmation to what kind of people actually watched the show.

Danganronpa exiting

This whole final episode was supposed to be a big reveal and instead it turned into a shitty shounen-lame-ass speech of hope and dream and fluffy bunnies. Overall this episode filled me with despair more than any kind of hope what so ever. Having a show end on such a terrible cliché and boring ending is enough to make a huge cataclysmic event to turn the world into despair. I completely agree with Junko when she kept repeating how lame they all were, because it definitively was the worst ending I’ve seen in a very long time.

The one thing the episode had right was Junko’s execution, while having every single sentence done to her was a bit boring to watch and unrealistic, it was really amusing to see her masochistic face through the whole ordeal. Last episode I mentioned that I hated Junko’s weird personality that was completely overdone, and while I still agree with my previous statement, I must admit that her desperate and chaotic side sure was entertaining. Stay tuned next week for the overall review of Danrangonpa, we’ll see how this last episode affected the final results for the show.

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