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Danganronpa the gang

The real intro for Danganronpa is definitively really good, the animation might not be splendid but it does give a great vibe and a particular art style, but I’m still unsure if I love or hate the song that plays with it. I have some kind of love and hate relationship with english songs in anime.

Now to the main course, this second episode and more specifically, what Danganronpa looks like right now. The show is definitively really cliché, this thing has been done over and over again, but there are reasons for this, it’s because it is really fun and entertaining to watch. Right now the story of the show and the settings seemed dropped a bit to allow for something special and different. It seems that the show isn’t trying to have as much of a story and to immerse us into the world and instead tries to be something more akin of a television quiz show were we can interact with it. Everything is set up, not to make sense in a story kind of way, but instead to allow us to actively participate in the enigma and to discover who the culprit is. This makes the show a whole lot different from what we are used to in anime, this is not about the show itself anymore, this is actually a fun interactive show where we can all try and guess who the culprit is.

Danganronpa knife stab

Now, I do make some assumption by saying all this. I assume that every single clue were given and that no new random information will pop up and I assume that we have enough information already to possibly figure out the culprit. This will make this show intensely fun to blog as each week we will gather the clues together to try to find the culprit right before the next episode. I will start my own investigation and I strongly encourage everyone to post their own deduction in the comments below to help us find who the culprit is !

Danganronpa murder look

We have two people who died this episode, one of them was simply killed because she broke the rule, but the other one was killed by someone. Here are some of the important clues that I noticed in the episode. There are sword slashes everywhere in the room, she was killed by a knife, she was killed in the bathroom after the doorknob was completely broken. Other important information is that a piece of cloth and a broken crystal balls were found in a different room and the sign to the room were changed. Now there is one assumption I am unsure of for now, if the killer was aiming for Naegi or Maizono. The killer might or might not have known about the room switch, so it is possible that he wasn’t trying to kill Maizono at first. Now, another important thing to note is that the door to Naegi’s room wasn’t forced open and was left unlocked afterward, the culprit thought about changing the signs, but he did not lock the door. Either the culprit overlooked that fact, or he never had the key to the lock in the first place. This means that he was let inside the room or that the murderer and Maizono didn’t meet at the door entrance but elsewhere during the night. Judging by the ripped clothes and the broken crystal ball, there is an obvious conclusion to all this, but it feels a bit too easy. It could be said that the culprit is the divination guy, he would have went to her room, knocked on the door waited for her to open up and then proceeded to kill her with a knife while she tried defending herself with the sword, in the end she hid in the bathroom and the guy had no choice but to break the door to get in as he didn’t knew how to open up the door otherwise. He then killed her and went to the other room to wash himself up and/or hide some evidence, he broke his crystal ball there and forgot a piece of clothes, he also switched the signs to the doors for reasons I have yet to understand. In the morning he was very late because he was off still doing something suspicious.

Danganronpa death sentence

This is my theory so far, but I don’t like it because I think the crystal ball makes things look too obvious and therefore I’m sure there is a better explanation, but I have yet to come up with it. Maizono was obviously really tired and unnerved the night before, so the possibility that she tried to kill someone that night and instead got done in is a really likely possibility for me. So here is my better theory, Maizono was set on killing someone, she decided to trade room with Naegi has to make him look like the culprit and she used his sword to try and commit the crime. She invited someone over and then tried to kill him, but things went badly there as she was unable to do so, the person went to lock himself in the open bathroom and he manages to do so has she destroyed the lock to get in. At that point she was ambushed when opening the door and killed with a knife. The divination guy would remain the most likely culprit even in that scenario, but it would have been self-defense instead.

Now, this was my  interpretation of things, what about yours? Please discuss in the comment below and try to solve this before next week !

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