Danganronpa episode 3: Final Verdict, Death by Balls

Danganronpa executed by ball

I already knew last episode that the psychic wouldn’t be the culprit simply because of how obvious they tried to make him the culprit, but I did guess most of the murder right. There was indeed a clue last episode that would help us find the murderer this episode, I’m really happy about it. I missed it and didn’t took the number as serious evidence enough, but I’m glad to see that indeed, it is possible from someone to guess who it is before the real assassin is revealed. This show is definitively playing out like a television quiz show more than anything else and I like it, it feels new and refreshing. The general idea of murder happening in an isolated place with a set group of people is nothing new, but the way it is presented is what makes this show so fresh.

Danganronpa first jury

The trial itself was everything I had hoped it to be, we were able to reconstruct everything at the crime scene, or close to it, while taking every clues available and looking at them and their meaning. This show is just playing out perfectly for me to enjoy it for what it is, a big game of clue. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that from now on every episode has a new murder happening, one week someone mysteriously die and the next someone is executed for it.  I would for one love this pattern and it would keep things from dragging on and everything episode would be filled with things to uncover and figure out and that is a fun thing to do.

Danganronpa what happened

Now as for this episode itself, I was rather surprised with a few things even though I already guessed most of it. For one I did not expect the message on the wall to be a name, I really thought it was a number, although I wasn’t surprised that you had to look at it from a 180 angle as this is classic. Furthermore I never thought that Leon would be the culprit as he has a really scary face and attitude, I figured that the killers would be someone who looks completely innocent, or at least at first. I never expected that bum to be the criminal in the first week considering how guilty he looks just in general. I’m also really glad he died after seeing how pathetic he was when he tried to defend himself. Someone who has the mentality of a 2 years old like this and cannot do more than call everyone else a moron when he is out of idea is simply annoying. I really hope that in the future the killer will be a little more intelligent about what he does and won’t be such an obvious criminal when it comes to it. I’m sure some of them will be able to find a way to deceive everyone and to try and manipulate the jury to target someone else. I mean there are still some pretty dumb people on the jury that would accuse everyone who looked half guilty.

I guess we will see soon enough who will be the next one to try his luck and escape this place.

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