Danganronpa episode 5: Cool Murder Bro

Danganronpa brother killer

Well, I got completely fooled into Togami’s attempt to make himself look guilty. I must admit that as the episode was progressing in the beginning I felt like I was about right on just about every count. I must admit that I never expected for the super highschool murderer to actually really be part of the crew though. Although my biggest mistake in this case was that I completely misunderstood Togami’s personality and importance in the story. I never though that the guy would voluntarily mess with everyone and create an act after the murder to look like the culprit.

Danganronpa Byakuya serious

Another thing that I seriously could have figured out better was how I completely forgot to read the new rule about lending passes properly. Turns out that lending was an infraction to school rules but stealing from corpses sure wasn’t, This is a clue that I could have picked up earlier, but it went by me. Now the one thing I never expected, and I really should of since this is Japanese, was that the victim was actually a guy. I’m not sure how I could have guessed that, but it really changed a lot of things. It kind of bugs me too because I feel like either I’m not intelligent enough, or it was simply impossible to figure out the culprit before the actual trial this time around. I don’t know how I could have seen Mondo as the culprit with the information we had before the tribunal. I was able to guess most of how the murder happened, I simply had the culprits completely wrong.

Danganronpa crazy serial murderer

Another thing that bugged me a bit this episode was how awfully cheesy it was. Maybe I’m just not the bro-type, but I felt like the “intense” emotional display of Mondo and Kiyotaka was simply way too overdone for me to take any of it seriously. Kiyotaka just started his friendship with Mondo and he was already this attached to him? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. In the end if I were in their situation I would have trouble making friends with anyone and I’d much rather act as if everyone was my enemy when their objective is to kill someone. Guess what guys, no point making friends because only one of you will come back alive from this, so you better decide who it will be. If you make a friend you will either kill him by leaving this place or he will try to leave and you’ll either convict him to death or die because he got away with it. This is not a situation where there is co-winners, you better decide who you want to kill and quickly because soon there won’t be many easy options left.

Danganronpa Mondo tastes like deliquency

Now it closes the case for this week once again, 2 more people out of the picture, I can already smell the next victim, we are starting to run low on unimportant character with no purpose. Tune in next week for another murder to solve.

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