Danganronpa episode 4: Copy Cat

Danganronpa serial killer

Another week and another murder happened. This time I’ll go straight to the point and go explain the clues and my hypothesis and we’ll see next week just how accurate I was. Feel free to leave your own discussion and hypothesis in the comment and discuss the best scenario as to how the killing happened.

Danganronpa murder scene

I feel like this time around the murder is really too obvious so I have a feeling like it might be a trap. When things are just this clear as to how they happen and why I just feel like there is something obvious that I am missing and that I am mislead exactly where they want me to be mislead to. Anyways I feel like just about everything this episode points to Togami being the murderer, but let me explain why first. Since the corpse of the victim was found in the girl’s locker room it is certain that a girl put the corpse there, there is simply no way for a boy to enter that locker room what so ever. Celestia might look like a possible killer, but she is the one who pointed out the loophole in Monokuma’s rules and therefore she wouldn’t have staged the murder there, Kyouko is a mysterious girl and she won’t be involved in anything just yet and that leaves just two other girls who could have gone in there. While Asahina is pretty dumb and would be ready to kill someone and put her into a room especially associated with her, I doubt that she is really THAT stupid. I am convinced that Fukuwa is the one who put the body there as she is the only one who could be dumb enough to put a body somewhere where only 4 people had access to.

Danganronpa Fukuma unstable

Now it is important to note that Chihiro wasn’t killed in that locker room and instead she was dragged there as the murder happened most likely in the gym area. Fukuwa took the body, dragged it to the locker room and proceeded to do all the necessary set-up for the crime scene to look like a murder from a popular serial murderer. Problem is, the set-up fails in so many degrees it is kind of sad. The victim wasn’t a man and the victim wasn’t killed by scissor but instead by a blunt object. At this point I am unaware if those mistakes with the copy cat are intentional or not. While Fukuwa is definitively the one who brought the body there, I don’t believe that she is a serial murderer (no matter how mentally unstable she is) and I don’t believe she was the one to have killed Chihiro.

Danganronpa infatuated

Here comes a lot of assumptions about characters, but I feel that they are justified. Togami certainly has an antisocial attitude to everything that happened and he certainly doesn’t seem to be making any friends. Yet, this episode he spent most of his time with Naegi explaining to him all sort of clues and things to look for on the scene of the crime, even showing him the murder scene itself. Now, isn’t that fishy? Togami already knew where the scene of the murder was even though he was the first (along with Naegi) to find it, furthermore he already knew that he would be able to enter the female locker room because the murder happened there, if you ask me, things already sound fishy. I feel like he is trying to play a leading role in the detective work to confuse everyone and frame, easily, Fukuwa as the murderer.

Danganronpa detective

Fukuwa meanwhile is deeply in love with Togami and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there is even better reason why she would compel to do this for him even though it means her own death, but she is so mentally unstable that it is difficult to judge her train of thought properly. I would guess something along the line of “if one of us as to die I would rather it be me”, or maybe she is just too dumb to realize what she is doing. Just about everything points to Fukuwa being the murderer after all, she is a girl, she is mentally unstable, she is now locked inside her own room talking about the serial murderer like she knows her, but Fukuwa is too unstable to stage something like this and instead I beat on the set-up.

Next week not only will we learn who the real murderer is, but we will also know his motive behind it, the things he wanted to keep hidden from everyone and I think that this part will be the most interesting.

ZeroGhj signing off

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