Danganronpa episode 6: Hammer of Justice !

Danganronpa robot of justice

This episode I was expecting for a murder to happen, but I never expected the double murder to happen this episode and I’m not certain that Celestia was ready for it either, but I might be wrong. Let us go into the details of the episode and try to figure out who did what and why and maybe we can get the real murderer this time around.

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Celestia is obviously involved in all this, she is playing her game so badly that there is just no way she doesn’t have a hand into this, having said that, I’m not sure if she is actually the murderer. The whole story of the hammers was obviously a set-up by Celestia and Yamada, they were both into it and were planning to use this as a way to obtain something. It was already well established that Yamada was Celestia’s slave and therefore it is not far-fetched to have them both work together to pull something off, even if the objective wasn’t a murder itself. Now, here is my theory about all this.

Danganronpa dead sayan

I think that Celestia was setting up a murder to find who was the mole. I don’t think she planned to actually kill anyone this time around, I think that she was working with Yamada to make it look like Yamada had been killed. Yamada would then act as dead and hide for a while and no one would have known except for Celestia, Yamada and the mole who would know that he isn’t dead because monobear would be aware if someone actually died and therefore tell her. This would therefore all have been a ruse to see who the traitor was and pull it out of hiding. From here, something went wrong and not according to plan. I don’t know if Celestia eventually used the opportunity to kill Yamada to try and get out or if someone else used their set-up to commit a double murder.

Danganronpa super sayan ishimaru

From the look of things, I think that maybe this is something a bit different from what we saw previously, I think that maybe there are two murderers around. Someone killed Ishimaru, most likely Celestia and then someone else murdered Yamada , which was not part of the plan at all. I really feel that there is more than one person involved in this double murder because I feel like someone had a great plan and someone else intervened in it to screw everything in their favor. Now who is this person, I wouldn’t be able to guess just yet, but I am fairly certain that it isn’t Yasuhiro like Yamada tried to point at. If anything I think he is still playing along with Celestia’s plan out of his sick love for her.

Next episode we will obviously have more details about everything, but while my predictions this time aren’t as deep as they were previously, I still believe, or at least hope, that I got most of it right, but only time will tell.

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