Danganronpa episode 7: Bad Liar

Danganronpa Celes is mad

Well, it seems I was right on just about all count in the previous episode, I was not expecting for this case to be solved so exactly like I imagined it to be. Of course I had some holes here and there, but overall everything was exactly as I envisioned it to be. I am a little disappointed actually that Celes managed to do a coup so easily predictable and easy to read. I though that she was one of the most intelligent person in the group and that she would manage to be a little more subtle in her attempt to get out of there. The girl definitively had ambitions and knew how to play those kind of mind games, but she left so many clues that she was the culprit that it was just too obvious.

Danganronpa false proof

I hope that the next murders won’t be as predictable and easy to read as I love being tricked and I have some good hope that the show could still have some twists even when giving us all of the information, but I guess I overestimated the author a bit. The mystery isn’t as hard to crack as it could have been. Now there aren’t that many people left alive, so I wouldn’t be surprised if things accelerated even faster from now on. The traitor working with the mastermind will probably be revealed next episode, if it isn’t already done. I do have my doubts about what we recently saw and I won’t take it as granted. After all the one who bashed Naegi behind the head was a bit taller than him, but he was also very slim, Sakura certainly doesn’t enter into the category of “very slim”. I’ll take what we witnessed at the very end of this episode with a grain of salt, because I do not trust making a theory about it with so little information. The show will try to trick you in very cheap ways and this just seems like a very cheap way to do it. Once you have false information in your head you will try to make up a whole scenario for it to work and from there it is really easy to become completely blinded by the truth and you will pursue your false beliefs. This is why I try to wait as long as possible until I have all possible clues before making assumptions and judgments.

Danganronpa weird stuff going on here

Tune in next week where someone else dies…and I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was the traitor this time around.

ZeroGhj signing off

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