Danganronpa episode 8: Informer down

Danganronpa sakura dead

Another week, another murder, let’s not end the cycle just yet and go once again into detective mode to figure out who the murderer was. It seems that anyone who jumped to conclusion to have Sakura be the informant would have been right to do so last episode. She was indeed the informant, but it seems like she wasn’t acting or anything at all and instead was just being forced to be a tie-breaker in-case nothing happened in the game. I highly doubt that she had any kind of real part in any of the setup and she most likely never gave away any information concerning the laptop or anything similar as she was most likely still trying to get out of there more than anything else.

Danganronpa Sakura pissed

Now she is dead, in a locked room and she has great many suspect around. I must admit that this time around the scene is a little bit harder to figure out for me, I have more problem guessing who the culprit really is. Having said that, I have two major culprit, but one of them I favor greatly over the other. Naegi obviously wasn’t the culprit, he is the main character after all, meanwhile it is nearly impossible that Kirigiri was involved in this either. This leaves 4 persons, Fukawa is rather obvious when it comes to murder and since no one was cut, I doubt that she is involved in it. While Yasuhiro would probably have murdered Sakura if he had the chance, the guy is way too dumb to create a locked room scenario and therefore there is no way he was a part of it. This leaves two people, either Togami or Asahina. Togami would have the wits necessary to make this happen and I have nothing to write it off the list of suspect, but I still favor Asahina as the murderer in this case.

Danganronpa on the scene

Let us review the facts. Sakura was found dead inside a locked room, she had severe blow to the head and she coughed blood. There were sign of cover up and blood stains on the floor, but otherwise no real mark of battle. Asahina was obviously good friend with Sakura and Sakura was already feeling cornered and she just wanted her revenge without putting the people she hold dear into danger. What I think happened is that Sakura offered Asahina to die for her so they could create the perfect crime scene and so Asahina could escape, save Sakura’s friends/family and be free. To do so Asahina would give a severe blow to the head of Sakura, but that wouldn’t be enough to kill her, instead the cause of death would be poisoning. Asahina would have given Sakura poison, which will have left yellow powder on her lap, the poison would have slowly killed her, allowing Sakura to lock herself in the room and make the perfect crime scene. She would still have a blow to the head and the poison could have made her spew blood, but overall she would looked like she was taken out by force rather than poison.

Danganronpa poison

No one will suspect Asahina because she was her friend and Sakura already made sure to make the three people there appear extra suspicious. Something else that makes Asahina appear even more suspicious is the fact that she is the one who first noticed the body, she is the one who went to get the three suspicious person and she is the one who seemed the least shocked by her death considering her relationship with Sakura. For all those reason, I believe Sakura was murdered by Asahina and that it was something they decided together. I still think that Togami could have been the culprit here, but I find it a bit more unlikely. Next week we will see who the real culprit was, how it happened and what was the motive.

I encourage you to write down your own hypothesis in the comment and explain who you think did it and why. The more opinion the more this could get interesting.

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