Danganronpa episode 9: She was an Hero

Danganronpa pissed Sakura

I guess I’m a bit disappointed that there wasn’t any killer this time around. I mean I was fairly certain that someone must have killed Sakura since there was a whole game going on, I was pretty sure that there must have been a culprit. I already guessed last episode that Sakura would “suicide” herself, but I figured that she was assisted so someone could get credit for the murder, but instead she just died in vain and no one could profit from it. I guess I must be really dumb too because I don’t see the point of it either. I wouldn’t have stopped fighting for such purpose and I don’t know why Byakuya would either.

Danganronpa head bashing

Meanwhile Genocider is still around and I am pretty sure she would love to kill Byakuya eventually, I’m pretty sure that this game won’t end on a stale mate even if a 16th member wouldn’t have appeared. Nonetheless, now Sakura is dead, Alter Ego died too and there is someone else who has been added to the mix to spice things up a bit. His specialty seems to be “Despair”, although the definition can be seen in multiple ways and therefore it is difficult to guess what kind of person he is. Is he someone who is always on the verge of despair? or is he someone who bring about despair? Both possibilities are plausible and both are complete opposite of one another. Even so it is certain that bringing a new character into the mix, which we know nothing about, will definitively make things more interesting, the simple fact that he has yet to interact with anyone makes it already quite the hazard since we don’t know what to expect of him and his earlier absence is certain to spread the seeds of doubts about the others.

Danganronpa secret 16th student

I wouldn’t be surprised if next episode that 16th member is both discovered and killed/ or if he becomes a murderer. I’m already pretty confident that he is the one who attacked the main character in the first place when he went outside camera range and therefore it does show signs that he is aggressive, or at the very least that he is more inclined to aggression under certain circumstances. I’m pretty sure that he won’t last very long in the story either way, since we never got the chance to meet him and have a character development, it would be pretty boring to add him now into the story as a decent contestant.

Danganronpa alter ego down

That’ll be all my commentary from me this week, deducing who commits murder is way more fun than realizing how poorly unoriginal the murder was done.

ZeroGhj signing off

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