Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge episode 1 [First Impression]: Cutting your way through life

first cut

I was not sure what to expect out of this show and now that I’ve watched the first episode I am still uncertain of what to expect in the future. The show seems to be touching so many different genre that it is difficult to predict in which direction it will go. We have a scissor maniac with a killing tool and a little girl with cursed hair, we have a duo of sisters that have some more killing tools and likes to act all rough and mysterious. The show has a feeling of mystery that surrounds every action and it has been a while since I saw an anime that had this aura to it. It makes the show different and intriguing to watch. The quick cuts in between scenes and the inner monologues made every little action feel like it was more important and dramatic than it should have been. The delivery for this show is really good, so it is up to a good start.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge love

The characters seem quite shallow for now, but we are only at the first episode. It just seems like the story and ancestors of the characters were more important than the character themselves. The episode was quite fast paced and yet it felt like every scene were really calm and slow. There just seems to be this constant feeling of contrast going on in every scenes.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge main

The show is obviously not a ecchi, yet in their romance and allusion there was so many sexual innuendo that you could probably think it is an ecchi if you only closed your eyes. I personally though that those innuendo’s were entertaining, but I could understand if some people thought that they ruined the romantic ambiance of the scenes. Speaking of those scenes, the romance seems to be a major turn point for this show and it might very well give some steam to get us started on some interesting stories. We already have two character madly in love and dependent of each other and we are only at the first episode. It seems that they will both be immerse into a world they never meant to set their foot into, only because of their relationships with the other person.

deadly scissor

Now from the look of the preview for the next episode it seems that the show might even turn into something more akin to a shounen. Maybe those Killing Goods will be used as weapon in the near future and not only to cut cursed hair.

Overall I think this show has great potential and I will be sure to watch it and blog it in the weeks to come, or at the very least blog the next few episode, in case the show quickly turns to the worse.

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