Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge episode 2: Killing Urges

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A lot more information about this world all in the same episode, I was waiting for this to happen. We already knew that there were weapons used by criminal and they were passed down in their generation, generating murderers. It was already pretty obvious that those Killing Goods were corrupting the mind of their wielder, but we learned a lot more about that process. It seems that Kiri’s hair cutting desires were all caused by his Killing Good and not by his fabulous personality. He was keeping himself sane by cutting something else than people’s flesh. I guess a killing good is not far from a penis then, you have to satisfy your urge from time to time as to not rape a random stranger in the streets.

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So, we have a queen and an author that loves each other and now that author will have to protect her if he wants her to live… I don’t know about you, but if there really is a wish to be granted, I’d much rather kill her and wish for her to end the game and for her to be alive, I just feel like it is a much easier solution to all this. If she really is a genie I don’t think there is any point for her not to die if any possible wish can be granted after, to be honest I would probably kill myself if I knew that doing so could grant me any wish I could want. “I wish to live forever”, there you go, you undo your death and you are now immortal.

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Now another thing that got me thinking is…why didn’t Yamane and Houko kill the Queen before? I can understand that the professor didn’t want her to die before things could get interesting, but what kind of threat could he possibly give that would make those two sisters refrain from ending their suffering? Why would they agree to such a deal? They really don’t get anything out of it, on the contrary it makes their life so much more difficult. There must be something else to this game that I have yet to understand, because otherwise some things simply don’t add up.

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There is one final thing that really bugs me. If the Killing Goods are really something inherited from family member to family member…than why is it that not any of their parents seems to have any idea of what those tools are and they don’t seem affected either. Is it because they completed the game and forgot everything about it? Is it because the curse somehow skips a generation once in a while? Why would their entire family be completely oblivious to those things? I mean Houko’s parents were murder by her sister, yet they say that it was a medic who previously did the murdering. If we take into account that the Killing Good is a syringe  that the earliest war that could have medic like those must have probably be World War 1, this means that at best the murderer were the Sister’s great grand-mother. This leaves just 2 generation in between them, I just feel like something is awfully off here.


I just hope that all my questions will eventually at least partially be answers, because right now this sounds like plot hole more than anything else.
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