Death Parade episode 1 [First Impression]: Too Much Is Like Not Enough

Death Parade stupid look

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 This show is so fake, the characters act so weirdly and “out of character”, I found it very difficult to appreciate anything that was going on because of how blown out everything was. I usually love drama and really cruel games, but this just wasn’t good. It was just so much and so blown out of proportion I felt I was watching a bad comedy more than anything else. I don’t know if the original source material was good and made to shit by the directing of the anime, but I couldn’t get into this one bit.

Death Parade blood and pain

You had told me a perfect description of this first episode on paper and my first impression would have probably been that I’d love the show and I would have wanted to read/see more, but after actually seeing this episode the only thing that comes to mind is “fake”. I understand that people crack under pressure, but everything about their past came forth so slowly for being such important part of their lives in the past few weeks. I understand that they died and their memories can be a bit fuzzy, but their overreaction to everything looked to be coming out of nowhere here. I don’t know if it was the acting or the constant spit and tears, but there was something that simply didn’t felt right here. I was never lead to care for the characters, I was never taken to be a side. In my mind the two of them didn’t deserve a second chance, the guy had psychological problem and the girl simply took advantage of that. I don’t see how one was any more “evil” than the other.

Death Parade going back out

Is lying and cheating on someone really something worse than being mentally so paranoid and stupid that you are responsible for your own death, and the death of your significant other and her child? I don’t really cared that the girl was a bitch, at the end of the day it was the psychological and emotional imbalance of the man that lead the two of them to die in the first place, I don’t think he has any more right for a second chance. The weak are just as sinful for their weakness as the strong are for taken advantage of those weaknesses.

Death Parade car crash

Be it from a philosophical standpoint or from an acting one, I just couldn’t get Death Parade. I can’t believe characters that are this unstable and this overly emotional could exist in life (or the after life). There didn’t seem to be any background to those characters, their personalities changed throughout the episode and were really inconsistent. Death Parade really is a no go for me, I don’t even feel like watching a second episode seeing how empty this episode made me feel. I am even angry that everything felt so fake since the premise of this anime was awesome. This should have been something great, but it felt really flat.

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