Denpa Kyoushi episode 1 [First Impression]: Genius NEET Teacher Kagami

Denpa Kyoushi hero teacher

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 Denpa Kyoushi is a school anime, we have a new teacher who’s a super genius NEET and he has to suddenly go away from his daily miserable life and teach physic to kids. The misfit teacher saving high school kid is nothing new, it has been done again and again, but this one in particular feels to me like a complete opposite of GTO (which to me remains a reference work in the matter).  The guy this time around is a total Otaku and he has the coolness level of a dead Ape.

Denpa Kyoushi punishment

The anime is done in a pretty cheap style, it screams low budget, but the content is pretty good in itself. It is rather cliché, it is a bit more difficult to appreciate it when you already have seen multiple show of the genre, but it looks like it knows what it is doing and I won’t be surprised if it succeed and having a great story with very interesting character development. While I am not personally impressed or interested in seeing that much more from Denpa Kyoushi, I think I would recommend it to people who are interested in the genre and did not see classics like GTO or if instead they just crave for this teacher-hero stories and want some more.

Denpa Kyoushi lonely girl

I think Denpa Kyoushi is an interesting anime, seems about average or a bit above average, but its biggest downfall to me is the time of year it is airing. Some people are able to afford watching 20 anime in a season, but I can’t do more than 10 and Denpa Kyoushi is simply outshined by many other this Spring and I will therefore never go around to watch it. If you love the genre I,m sure you can find what you are looking for in this one though, so don’t let my lack of enthusiasm stop you from enjoying this one.

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