Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 1 [First Impression]: Die on day one

tiger grrr

This show was so awesome and yet so lame at the same time, it is unbelievable. I really wish I could have liked it more, because there were so many cool elements to the show. From the fact that people actually die, there is murder happening everywhere. The whole city has been destroyed and a subway train crushed the main characters to death. I can’t see how I couldn’t like a show that starts off that way. Yet I do have some trouble with the show.

troll fighting

It really shows that the show is based on a video game, the story and characters just feel really weak overall for now. I know that the story was not completely explained yet, but it just feels really weird and over the top from the little bits and pieces that we were able to gather from this episode. It really does feel just like everything happening and the cool stuff are just excuses for a video game more than something integrated into a story. The app that download itself and determine the life of others like Gantz, the demon that fights for the user like Persona and the cataclysmic end of the world that a young boy must stop like any other game or anime made ever. The show feels really generic and unoriginal, even when the setup is so fantasist and monstrous. It just seems like every element in the show has already been done somewhere and done better.


Furthermore, I hate the demons in the show. Except for the girl’s troll, every other demon have really pathetic looks and they just seems like they can have any shape or form and they don’t even seem to follow a specific art style. A fairy, a tiger, a troll and a ghost, there is no real theme that relates any of them. I don’t think that this show is going to be bad, but I don’t find it original at all and I’m not sure that it will ever do really good. The art isn’t great, the soundtrack is lame and the character are so generic that I can replace their name and face with just about every anime trio I have ever seen. The main character is particularly boring with his lack of emotions and empty personality, but then even the other two characters aren’t much better, the girl doesn’t seem to have any mind of her own and the guy is a friendly loser.


In the end it just feels like the characters are completely unrelatable and the world feels too familiar yet too weird. It simply doesn’t seem possible for me to believe any of the characters reaction as genuine, it seems like they are robots or cogs in a machine more than real characters and this is why I won’t be blogging this show.

I am convinced that many people will enjoy this sloppy shounen, but I’ve seen so many anime over the years that this one simply doesn’t seems to have a flavor of its own.

ZeroGhj signing off

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