Diabolik Lovers episode 1 [First Impression]: Vampire Reverse Harem

Diabolik Lovers intro

Here we go, the very first (and kind of early) show of Fall 2013 as come out and it is definitively setting the pace to a strong Fall season. Fall is always the strongest season along with Spring for anime and therefore you can expect some really big production to appear when the season will officially start. For now, this show here will be the first taste of what is yet to come.

Diabolik Lovers fifth brother

I started the show with a question in mind, if the show would go more towards the ecchi/romance or towards a romance/reverse harem. Based on the description and the setting I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect out of the two. It is clear that after this first episode that question cannot be asked anymore and the genre and theme as been pretty well established already. Diabolik Lovers is a dark reverse harem, by default this will appeal to a lot of older girl and it is a great counter to other reverse harem that are too corny and overdone. My experience with reverse harem being somewhat limited makes it difficult for me to judge if this show will turn really boring and generic quickly, but from what I saw so far, I think I can still have a pretty good idea what to expect out of the show. It seems that the general genre will be pretty generic and easy to follow, but that the theme and atmosphere will be much darker, mysterious and creepy than what one would normally expect out of a reverse harem, it should definitively gives something to look forward to for any fan of the genre.

Diabolik Lovers vampire reverse harem

The show itself looks pretty interesting, there are many things to understand and discover past the reverse harem and the romance. If the environment surrounding the main character remain this hostile I would also think that it would be really different and far from a fairy tale, it should gives something entertaining and an element of danger to the whole situation. After all reverse harem usually tend to be too passive and safe, this one could easily give a more thrilling and exciting perspective to the genre. Vampire reverse harem have been done thousands of time, but maybe this time around they can make one that can be remembered for being different than the others.

Diabolik Lovers lady of the house

Overall, I won’t be blogging this show as while it sounds interesting, it remains a show for girls and I’m not attracted to the genre in any way. I probably won’t be watching it either because of the little time I have to watch anime, but I will recommend it to every one interested in the genre as both in art and approach this show marks itself as different and original. It could lead to some very interesting anime material before the end of the season.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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