Dog & Scissors episode 1 [First Impression]: Bestiality and S&M

Dog & Scissors S&M

When I first saw the title for this show I thought the show would be about bestiality and lesbians, but turns out I was wrong and it was about bestiality and masochism. I must admit that I wasn’t really sure what kind of show to expect out of this one, but after the first episode and seeing both the ending and the opening I have a much better idea to what it is all about.

Dog & Scissors idol

The show is classified as a supernatural comedy, but I would say that from the look of things it could turn into some kind of weird bestiality harem with masochism spread all around every episode. I’m sure that this show could be really funny and a great comedy for the summer, having said that, I doubt I would be able to enjoy it to the fullest and blog it with respect to how good it could be. I’m afraid I’ve seen too many weird comedy-harem that has masochism as a source of laugh to enjoy this one completely. For anyone who has watched a little less anime and Japanese entertainment, this show might be just weird and funny enough to catch your interest. I’m not bashing on this show either here, it really look like great fun to watch and you can expect that I’ll be watching it, but I doubt I will garner enough interest in the show to do much more than that.

Dog & Scissors underwear masochist

Now into the specifics of the episode itself, I really like the concept of a boy who is reincarnated into a dog, a really absolutely cute and beautiful one at that. I think the show would have already been really fun to watch if we had just followed that teenager-dog around, but they manage to make things even more interesting by giving the dog a chance to be with quite the eccentric character, the duo will most likely allow us to laugh quite a bit even though their situation is quite unfortunate. Yet because of the intro and the ending I would have a tendency to think that many more girls will come into the fray and start to understand him maybe. I’m pretty sure everyone in the entire crew of girl we saw will all fall in love for the puppy and will therefore engage in creepy bestiality sex while the author has fun doing some crazy S&M with him.  At the very least that is the vibe the show is giving me. Now unless you never read any of my reviews, you would know that I don’t actually expect ecchi or sex from this show, but definitively some kind of weird romance of fantasy going on.

Dog & Scissors super muscle

I would still recommend this show for anyone who wants a good comedy for the summer, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

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