Donten ni Warau episode 1 [First Impression]: Samurai past their time

Donten ni Warau sweet disguise

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You can take this review as a grain of salt since I never understood shoujo or what made them interesting in any way. Donten ni Warau is set in an interesting time period, the people are revolting against a changing world, and 3 brothers are trying to respect their tradition while accepting the changing times. They have little education, they only know how to use their swords and are masters at it, yet the very thing that defines them as become useless. They have to live in this changing world, yet none of them seem to be aware of that fact yet other than the oldest son.

While Donten ni Warau looks interesting in term of their characters and its universe, I really don’t feel intrigued by its story. It doesn’t even look bad or anything, it simply doesn’t reach me. I feel this kind of story is much more interesting for people who are more conservative in nature, I do not belong in that group, I do not understand the value in tradition, I do not understand the fear of change or the inability to adapt. If the world of anime were to disappear suddenly to be replaced by something new, I would be one of the first to try and adapt to embrace this change. So a story of Swordsmen who are resistant to change and try to find their place in this new world is one I find very difficult to relate to.

The show itself doesn’t seem bad in any way, on the contrary. It has pretty good production value and the character development will be real. I don’t think Donten ni Warau will become a surprise success for the season, but I do believe anyone who liked this first episode could easily enjoy the entire season. While I will not be watching the anime, I do recommend it to anyone into the Meiji era of japan, or people who enjoys anime centered around character development and stories of finding one self.

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