Winter 2013 Top 5 Anime Ending Themes

It is time for our Seasonal Top 5 Anime Ending Theme! Here, we have looked at all the endings of the season and selected the best of the best. We then compiled them into this Top 5 for everyone to admire.

I was absolutely stomped this season to see that the best endings of the season were actually far better than most openings we saw this season. Most anime in this top 5 even manage to have multiple endings for their season.  Now let’s head right into this top 5 and see what wonders this season had in store for us.


Number 5: GJ-Bu – Tokimeki no Mahou by Maaya Uchida & Yume Miyamoto


Gj-Bu is the first to show up in our Top 5 with this magnificently cute ending from their first episode.  As of the 7th episode this show has already gone through 4 different endings, but the first one is by far the most worthy of figuring on this Top 5. The ending song is energetic and cute, and the animation is overflowing of cuteness. The little chibi animation really is what makes this ending something special compared to what we usually see. First of all it, is completely animated (even if the animation is a little weak considering the art style of the ending) and the song really matches with the animation we are presented with.

Usually, we are met with endings without any animation and the music is the only thing that gives it any spirit, but this season even the fifth anime on our list managed to have captivating moving pictures and a matching soundtrack to go with it. You can already tell that this top 5 will be one of the best for a long time to come.


Number 4: Love Live! School idol project – Susume→Tomorrow by Emi Nitta, Aya Uchida & Suzuko Mimori

Love Live! made it to the Top 5 Openings of this season, and it is here once again for the endings. The show has a repeated ending song Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru, but that ending is not the reason this show made it. The very first ending of the show Susume→Tomorrow is the reason this managed to get into our top 5. The show is a musical; therefore, it is expected to have girls dancing and singing all the time, but in terms of endings, the singing and dancing animation of this one surpassed what most endings are able to do; they beat an army of still shots (surprising, really, still shots are so great/sarcasm.)  The song is somehow pop and fitting of an idol show, but it doesn’t give me chills or make me super excited either. The only reason this show even managed to get into both top openings and endings is because of the animation. Rare are the anime that take the time and energy to animate their ending, and it is always a pleasure and nearly an assured win if they do take the time for it. Because of this Love Live! School idol Project makes it to the fourth place of our Winter 2013 Top 5 Anime Ending Themes!


Number 3: Ai Mai Mi – Girigiri Saikyō Ai Mai Mi! by Ai, Mai, and Mii

This ending has really got to be one of my favourites in terms of creativity in a long time. Maybe it is only because it touched me right where I like it, but this ending made me remember the good old 8-bit days. Moreover, the fact that it is so well done, humorous and  incorporating the characters makes this ending one of my favourites. The song isn’t particularly catchy, but everything is perfectly animated like it should be for this kind of setting, and while the ending is really short (since the show is a short one too) it still manages to break into my heart and leave me with great nostalgic feelings.

This ending was unique and different; its originality (and nostalgia) were very surprising, and for those reasons it won itself the third spot of this Winter 2013 Top 5 Anime Ending Themes.


Number 2: Cuticle Detective Inaba – Prima Stella by Toru Ohkawa

What is this? Cuticle Detective Inaba has an ending just has hilarious and random as the show itself? Who would have expected. Yet, surprisingly enough, this ending is amazingly hilarious while still keeping a high level of quality both in animation and music. Despite having a voice actor singing the song, it still manages to convey the feeling it was supposed to. The Latino feeling and melodrama mixed with complete absurdity and comedy create this wonderful ending. The dancing goat will make you laugh from beginning to end with this ending, and even more as you watch it again.

In terms of music alone this ending beats all the previous entries of this top 5, and the animation is also on par with the rest of the best. What really makes this ending better than the rest is definitively how well the humour is implemented into it. There is actually emotion that can be felt through this ending; it is deeper than just an entertaining song and a funny goat/dwarf dancing, the song actually makes you feel special when you listen to it (although the best thing about it really is that goat/dwarf dancing). This ending just goes to show how great a season we have in term of ending themes. After being used to so many still shots, this ending is both refreshing and impressive. It is therefore no surprise that Cuticle Detective Inaba made it in the second place of our Top 5 Ending Themes of the Winter 2013 Anime Season.


Number 1: Zettai Karen Children – The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke- Brightest Light by Yūichi Nakamura & Kishô Taniyama

Finally, here it is: the first and best ending of the season. Zettai Karen Children also managed to obtain third place in the Top 5 Opening Themes of this season and it managed to take the top spot of this Top 5 as well. This is not the only ending song of Zettai Karen Children, but it is by far the best of the bunch and the reason it ranked so high in this list. The single fact that there was even more than one ending and that they were all worthy of entering this top 5 is proof enough that Zettai Karen Children merits its spot as best ending of the season.

This ending looks good; the effects are impressive, and it gives a serious shounen feel to the show which really empowers the idea and reason of this show. It might not be as original as our second and third position in this list, but there is one aspect that beats them all: the song is incredibly catchy, and ever since I’ve heard it for the first time I had trouble not to listen to it for hours on end. That song can easily get stuck in your head, and the animation of it is extremely well done for an ending theme. Brightest Light could very well be an opening song, and its animation would follow very well. For those reasons, it gets the top spot of our top 5 anime ending themes for this season, and concludes it very well.


Honourable Mention

This is an ending that was extremely good but simply unlucky and beaten by the fierce competition of this season. Unfortunately, Shinsekai Yori put a lot of effort into its ending themes, but the second one simply didn’t have the same strength (and same competition) as the first one. It is still no doubt great and merit to feature in this top 5, even though it didn’t manage to take any of the top spots. Enjoy.

Shinsekai Yori – Yuki ni Saku Hana by Kana Hanazawa

This concludes our Top 5! Enjoyed it? Didn’t agree? Let us know in comments below, and we’ll be sure to reply. 
P.S.: If any one of these videos doesn’t work, please notify us and we will re-upload them as fast as possible. 

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