Spring 2013 Top 5 Anime Ending Theme

It is time for our Seasonal Top 5 Anime Ending Theme! Here, we have looked at all the endings of the season and selected the best of the best. We then compiled them into this Top 5 for everyone to admire.

 This Top 5 is not as great as the Top 5 Opening Themes, but some of the endings are still well worth the watch. This season had some good endings, so we can’t really complain. Let us jump right into it and see what Spring 2013 brought us this time around.

Number 5 : Haiyore Nyaruko-san W – Sister, Friend, Lover by RAMM

 We will begin our Top 5 with an ending which might not seem all that interesting…and I would agree with you. Haiyore Nyaruko-san W still managed to make it up to our top 5 because…there was nothing better. Now don’t get fooled, future endings in this Top 5 will be much more interesting, but we had to start somewhere. By that small introduction I did not mean to say that this ending was in any way bad, it wouldn’t have made it up to the 5th spot of our Top 5 otherwise; but it is by no way a great work of art.

The main reason why this ending got here was basically because of its pretty backgrounds. They sparkle, they shine, and they’re animated. Of course, anyone with basic animation skills will tell you that it’s super easy to put together and definitely not a work of art, but who cares, it’s pretty. Some endings just don’t require all that much work into to make it look decent; I mean, it’s much better than watching people walking for a minute and a half. Even the song for this isn’t too great; but it matches everything well, and overall this ending was not of such bad quality for its simplicity.

No worries, this is only our Number 5. Things will definitely get better, but for now, enjoy this joyful simplicity that is the Haiyore Nyaruko-san W ending theme; a well done ending for a small budget.

Number 4 : Karneval – Reason by KAmiYU

“What’s so interesting about a mouse running?” You might ask yourself that question after watching the first 15 seconds of the ending; at least, I did. If you keep watching, though, you’ll then see the reason how this ending managed to get a place here. The ever changing backgrounds are really awesome; the colours change, the pictures change, and it might just be a scrolling background but it’s still quite pleasing to the eye; the colour arrangements are perfect. The character presentation consists only of pictures, however the way they pop in and out of the video is really pretty; honestly, there’s a lot more to this ending than you’d think after having seen only the first 15 seconds.

When it comes to the music, I can only say “good job!” to the producers of this ending. It’s catchy, smooth, not too rough for an ending song, and I personally find it really good. It might not match the backgrounds in timing, however it really does give the exact same feeling as the animation: a happy-go-lucky feeling that just makes you want to bob your head while having the stupidest derp smile on your face.

In the end, although this ending theme is not super well done, one can see that there is actually a lot more work put into this than you would think at first. The way the backgrounds match with the characters being shown as well as the perfectly well-fitted song definitely makes this worth being #4 in our Top 5. The only downside is probably the beginning of the theme where all you see is a mouse running… The last part is also a bit sketchy; it feels like someone put a random clip-art of curtains for the hell of it. Overall though, the Karneval ending theme is well done; and it totally deserves being #4 on this season’s Top 5 Anime Ending Themes.

Number 3 : Valvrave the Liberator – Boku Janai by Angela

We’re already down to our top 3! And, although we can’t say the videos are as cool and enjoyable as the best 2 openings from this season, they’re still pretty awesome. Valvrave the Liberator has an ending theme which definitely piques the viewer’s interest, mostly from our ears than our eyes; the song choice for this ending was marvelous. I had recognized the band Angela from their previous single for K, however it was nowhere near as catchy and awesome as this one.

Visually speaking the ending might be pretty, but there is not much happening. We saw every single character and the animation respects the general template of an ending perfectly, but it seems that nothing out of the ordinary was done with it. While the song was definitively a strong choice and it was very catchy, it was the only thing in this ending that manages to give a feeling better than what we would expect from a good ending. Overall Valvrave managed to make it so far up because of its generally good visuals and of its sublime song. Sometimes a great song is all you need to make it this high, and this is just how Valvrave the Liberator made it here to the 3rd spot of our Top 5.


Number 2: Arata Kangatari – The Misfit Go by OLDCODEX

Onto the final 2 positions of this Top 5. It seems that, as always, shounen have an innate advantage in the awesomeness of their openings and endings since the last two winners were part of that genre. At our number 2 spot, we have Arata Kangatari with The Misfit Go by OLDCODEX. While the music is not as great a hit as Valvrave was, the animation is there to compensate. This is the first ending of this top 5 for which I can say that it is actually well set-up and animated; the effects are visually impressive, and the characters are well represented. Of course, since the show is the generic shounen formula it was to be expected that the ending would follow the same pattern. Yet, as I always say, there is a reason why this kind of stuff is generic; it is because it is good and liked. This is why the ending managed to get so high up this list after all: it was done before, countless times, but this was the most impressive version of the generic formula this season.

Meanwhile, the song is really nothing out of this world; it seems like you could replace it with another shounen-type song and you would never notice the difference; but it wasn’t bad either and this is why, even though there was nothing out of the ordinary in terms of song choice, Arata Kangatari manages to make it to the second part of this Top 5 Anime ending theme.

Number 1: Shingeki no Kyojin – Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai by Youko Hikasa

And we are finally reaching the first spot in this Top 5 and, no big surprise here, it seems like the best shows always have the best openings and endings. Shingeki no Kyojin‘s ending is the only one this season that I can actually say is really worth the watch. Ending themes have a tendency to have much less effort and time put into them since people love to skip them. Now why is this ending ranked so high and so much better than others? Well I’d tell you that it is in great part because of it’s emotional feel and because of the way it tells a story.  Contrarily to the other ending themes that we have seen so far, Shingeki no Kyojin‘s ending has a deeper vocation. It tells a story; the story of Mikasa and how she feels towards Eren. The ending acts both as a reminder of the emotional stress the characters are put through in the show, and it gives additional emotional attachment to the characters. This concept isn’t something you would see in any ending; it gives more than a reminder of the characters and a funny song. So much more.

Now, while the song isn’t quite as catchy as some others we’ve seen in this Top 5, it proves to bring great contrast to each episode; the opening of Shingeki no Kyojin is an epic tale which hypes us into the episode, and meanwhile the ending, while still energetic, is calmer and much more nostalgic; it provides finality to each blood pumping episode and helps you relax in anticipation for the next week. The song will eventually even subconsciously make its way into your head, and while both lyrics and tonality might be difficult to recognize from vague memory, you will find yourself murmuring this song a few hours following each episode you’ve watched. This is what an ending song should be like, and while it’s not the best ending I have ever seen, Shingeki no Kyojin could still manage a fifth place in a Top 5 ending of the year;the originality of the concept is great, and the emotional feel it has is simply too good to forget.

So here you have it; the 5 greatest ending themes of the season were laid before your eyes for you to judge and admire. This season was a bit weak when it came to endings, but we can’t really complain since we had such awesome openings. Moreover, the show themselves range from solid to excellent.

Honourable Mention

I didn’t upload our honourable mention this time around as the visuals were completely unimportant; and Youtube user Annie May already uploaded the song on Youtube with much better visuals (I mean seriously, even a creepy face beats a black scrolling background). Now the reason I wanted to put it here is simply because of how absolutely creepy that ending is; some people will argue it is the only good thing about this show. Enjoy.


Aku no Hana – A Last Flower by Asa-Chang


This concludes our Top 5! Enjoyed it? Didn’t agree? Let us know in comments below, and we’ll be sure to reply. 
P.S.: If any one of these videos doesn’t work, please notify us and we will re-upload them as fast as possible. 

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