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We are at the end of the Winter 2014 season and it is time for us to take a look at the best Ending Theme that aired this season. Let me start by saying that Chibi ending seems to be really hot lately because about half of the ending adopted that style. It made it rather difficult to make a top 5 since the same repetitive style was used nearly everywhere and we didn’t want our top 5 to be five of the same Chibi ending. Therefore we decided only to include the best of that style and have the other spot of the top 5 with more different ending style even if some were a bit weaker. Here comes the 5 final choices we ended with to represent the best of this season’s ending.


Number 5. Nisekoi – Heart Pattern by Nao Touyama

In 5th place we have Nisekoi with its second ending. This ending was definitively weaker than a lot of the generic Chibi ending of the season, but because of its originality and the attention that was given to the effects and animation for the ending, the show still made it to the last position of our top 5.  In term of song this ending really doesn’t stand out much from the crowd, there is nothing inherently wrong with the song, but it is not really anything special either. Where this ending really came through was definitively in all the effort invested at making this ending more interactive and “moving”. There were really little to no stillshot used in the ending, which by itself is something rather amazing, but the ending is guilty of using the same old “character walking” concept that is constantly overused in anime ending.

With some great use of colorful effects and fast moving pictures and animation, Nisekoi managed to produce a dynamic and entertaining ending that managed to reach the fifth rank of our top 5.


 Number 4. Witch Craft Works – Witch Activity by KMM-dan


In 4th place comes the best of the Chibi animated ending of the season, Witch Craft Works. Chibi is an interesting style that always look so cute and hilarious…but after seeing it once or twice you realize it is just the same thing over and over again. We wanted to feature one of the Chibi ending because it remains something rather new in term of ending style and Witch Craft Works was definitively the cutest and funniest of the lot. The ending has this simple charm to it and is quite mesmerizing. The fast pace of the song mixed with the quickly bobbing head create a fascinating atmosphere in which you can forget about all your problems and just bob your head to.

Now while it is true that this ending is extremely catchy, it remains rather simple and unoriginal. The concept it represents has been used countless time this season and it might be the best of them, but it wasn’t that much different than the rest, it was simply well made. It was the best execution of a Chibi ending of 2014, but a Chibi ending can only get so far into our Top 5 because of its simplicity. It remains that making the 4th best ending of a season is no easy task and thanks to great rhythm and cuteness, Witch Craft Works made it all the way here.


Number 3. Hoozuki no Reitetsu –  Parallax View by Sumire Uesaka


We are now halfway through our list and we are now going from a generally well made opening to something that cannot be described with other words than original, unique and weird. Hoozuki no Reitetsu presents us with a completely different vision of an ending theme. We follow the short and weird story of two lover fish who are running for their lives towards a new tomorrow. The simple fact that the ending is telling a story is already something of interest, it is even better that it gets so weird and freaky. This ending manages to get this high on the list for many reason, it was animated in an original art style, the music was decent, it was telling a story and it was really unique. I would argue that the major and principal flaw in the ending was how creepy and scary it gets at the end and how difficult it is to rewatch the ending later on without getting creeped-out.

I’m convinced that many people would see this as being worthy of a higher position on this list, but the creepy and wtf factor was something important here that made this ending worth watching, but also a bit too weird for a regular audience. It was definitively well made, but too creepy for me to rank it any higher.


Number 2. Space Dandy –  Welcome to the X Dimension by Etsuko Yakushimaru

We are already nearing the end of this Top 5 with Space Dandy in our no.2 spot. Space Dandy’s ending song “Welcome to the X dimension” is much smoother than any of the other opening we heard so far. I don’t think that the song in itself pull much weight in the ranking of this ending though. What really made a difference for Space Dandy to get so high up the list was how full the ending was. Full in term of the background content and the animation during the ending. Throughout the ending you can see boob-formula and pyramids, you can see the fake sci-fi populating the yellow background while the camera floats around the fully animated characters. I definitively cannot describe the ending as flashy, but it had a lot of effort and attention put into it.

The ending is not simply a succession of stillshots, it tells a story, the story of the characters in the show. Granted it is not the same kind of story as in our 3rd position, but a story doesn’t have to be explicit to exist. Because of the background and the smoothness of the characters, Space Dandy makes it to the 2nd rank of our Top 5.


Number 1. Mahou Sensou – Born to be by Nano

Even if they are often terrible shows, shounen always seem to have an unfair advantage over other genre when it comes to opening and ending themes. Here is the very best Ending Theme of the Winter Season of 2014, Mahou Sensou with Born to be. I think that after a single watch of this ending it is impossible to doubt how it made it this far into our Top 5. The ending is worthy of being an opening with the quality that has been put into it.

Just starting with its song this ending already is a step ahead from everything else we’ve seen so far. The song is powerful and catchy and it really makes you want to watch the show. If you add the perfectly fitting visual to it, you just get the perfect combination of hype and power to make you intensely salivate as you watch the ending. It is rather weird that such a powerful song and animation would be used at the end of a show and not as an opening theme, but there is no point complaining because this ending crushed any kind of competition that was out there. There is not even a single particular feature that makes it pull ahead, it is simply the best by sheer quality and budget. Congratulation to Mahou Sensou for making it to the top of our Top 5 !

This concludes our Top 5! Enjoyed it? Didn’t agree? Let us know in comments below, and we’ll be sure to reply. P.S.: If any one of these videos doesn’t work, please notify us and we will re-upload them as fast as possible. 
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