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Top 5 Anime Ending

The end is here! I am of course talking about the end of the Summer Season 2014! and speaking of end, we are going to talk about the best endings the anime industry had to offer this time around. Just like the openings of the season, this summer’s endings were amazing compared to what we’ve been used to. There was a large selection of endings which just blew away most of the usual competition, we picked the best 5 of the bunch and compiled them into this Top 5. Hope you will enjoy it.

Number 5. Rail Wars! – OVERDRIVER by ZAQ

Let’s begin with our first entry into this Top 5, Rail Wars! with Overdriver from ZAQ. The very first thing to notice and take note with this ending is the originality and uniqueness of the song. It is rare that such techno/beat music is used in anime, even more rare that we would see something like this for an ending instead of an opening. It really gives flavour to this ending.

Music aside, the 3D Tron-esque background were visually entertaining, and quite pretty too. It was fun to see things move alongside the music in harmony. Both visuals and audio really enhanced one another, it is a true success for an ending if they are good enough to draw you in and makes you want to look at it. Rail Wars! did so very well and it is why their ending is featured as one of the best of the season.

Number 4. Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus – Aoki Tsuki Michite by AKIRA

If there is one thing that really set things apart for me when it comes to ending, it is when they tell a story and explain the relationship between characters or when the universe is better explained. The ending to Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus is a perfect example of what I consider to be the perfect kind of ending. There is enough symbolism and interaction between the characters that someone could do a 3 pages report on this ending and all its different meanings and propositions. From the darkness that Sebastian engulf Ciel into to the way he slowly pushes him into it, there are so many information available there, it is difficult for me not to start a discussion about everything shown.

Even if you are not too fond of analysis and symbolism, the ending has a lot going on in term of animation and it is done in a coherent fashion. There is really no major flaw with this ending and in a normal world, it would have been the best of the season, but there are just too many stronger competitor this time around and so it landed in the 4th position.

Number 3.Persona 4 The Golden Animation – Dazzling Smile by Shihoko Hirata

Next in our list is Persona 4 The Golden Animation. I must say that despite how much I am NOT a fan of Persona 4 (the anime) it was really difficult for me to ignore this ending. It has such an elegant and artistically pleasing way of representing the song, it is really difficult not to feel your inner self waking up and becoming alive to the song of this ending. It is interesting how in a little ending of minute and a half they were able to create this whole story and character development. You can see someone caged up and who doesn’t know herself or where she belong and slowly over the course of the ending she is able to follow her own path, break free from her path and found those she belongs with. While the lip sync of the ending were rather terrible, We felt everything else about it was so good that it deserved to be featured in this list, and so it does.

Number 2. Tokyo ESP – Guze Άργυρóϛ (Silver Salvation) by Yousei Teikoku

Now if we were to nominate one surprise for some of the best ending of the season, it would definitively be Tokyo ESP. Tokyo ESP is an anime that went rather under our radar this season and while I do not know much about the show itself, this ending speak for itself in term of quality and intensity. The song alone is enough to get your blood pumping, but the visuals didn’t do anything to prevent that from happening either. The backgrounds were constantly in motion, it simply increases the excitement and made everything feel more eerie. The story in the ending was pretty good too, a women who was falling into this decadent world, finding love only to have it taken away, possibly losing her sanity and thirsting for vengeance afterward, it was an interesting ending for sure. There is a high possibility that I interpreted that ending wrong since I didn’t watch even a single episode of the show, but Tokyo ESP still managed to reach me and struck me as an awesome ending despite me knowing absolutely nothing about it. Now I just want to watch the show and know what it is all about and this is yet another testament to how good that ending was. It is my honour to grant it our second place in this Top 5.

Number 1. Nobunaga Concerto – Fukyagaku Replace by MY FIRST STORY

Some people might consider this ending to actually be an opening, but our philosophy here is: If it plays at the end the majority of time, it is an ending. It might be cheating, but Nobunago Concerto has without doubt the best ending out there for the season. There is just not a single doubt about this top position because nothing came close despite having so many great endings this summer. This one is fluid, well animated and continuously moving and active. Were it not for the absolutely creepy eyes of the characters, this could have become a perfect anime ending. Unfortunately, even with our first position we cannot quite obtain perfection. It remains that everything related to Nobunaga Concerto‘s ending was simply glorious, there is little explanation needed to justify it’s position since a single look at this 1 min 30 seconds piece of art tells the story for itself as to why this made it to the First place of our Top 5

Number 0. PriPara – Jumpin’! Dancin’! by Prizmmy☆

Special surprise, this time around we had to make an exception and add another ending that was just beyond all other, an ending which transcend both time and space with it’s quality. Look at this master piece that is PriPara‘s ending theme. Never have I ever seen an anime ending (or opening for that matter) which had such fluid animation and realistic looking art style. Watching this ending I would nearly think that it is real life, the characters just felt so real, I could see the wrinkle in the corner of their eyes, I could discern every single strand of hair on their head, it was amazing. It is incredible to see what kind of realism anime are able to pull off nowadays! This is why we gave PriPara‘s ending the over-the-top position in our Top 5, it is simply too incredible to be in its own category. Animation technology just keep on amazing me, such talented anime artist those who made this.

Honourable Mention

Here are the endings which just barely missed the Top 5. They are original and good, but unfortunately they were just not good enough for the competition, but good enough to be mentioned.

Bakumatsu Rock – Zetchou DAYBREAK by Ultra-Souls

This concludes our Top 5! Enjoyed it? Didn’t agree? Let us know in comments below, and we’ll be sure to reply.
P.S.: If any one of these videos doesn’t work, please notify us and we will re-upload them as fast as possible.

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