K episode 2: Call a cat a cat

I think I just became a little more into bestiality this episode, I suddenly develop some kind of deep neko fetish, I don’t understand why something like that would pop up like this. I still don’t know what to expect about K, but the show is incredibly beautiful and the cats are especially naked and full of energy, so I don’t care which way it goes, I’ll be watching it.

I was really surprised at the beginning of the episode to see Isana Yashiro lie straight to the face of The black dog. I never though Yashiro was this sneaky, it made me believe for a second that maybe he indeed did commit those crimes he was accused of. On that matter, we still don’t have a clue who is involved and who Yashiro really is, the only thing we know is that something really fishy is going on. Yashiro is marked as a killer by the entire city, he has an executioner eating breakfast with him and he also has a 10 million yen bounty on his head. Meanwhile a naked neko girl appears to save him with her illusion magic trick. There is too much stuff here to be coincidence.

This episode was focused mainly on neko the cat. It seems that only a handful of people can see her in her true form. While Yashiro was able to see her and so did Reishi, the student of the school were absolutely oblivious to her presence. After all, I’m quite certain that a naked girl running around on campus would have drawn much more attention than it did there. We already know that Neko is a master of illusion, so I could guess that she let herself be visible only to those she wants to. She must be either invisible or appear as a cat for every one else on campus. I found it extremely funny that Yashiro main concern all the time he was chased, was for Neko to put some clothes on.

I still can’t tell if Yashiro is insane or stupid. He is chased by so many people who wants his head and yet he doesn’t seem to worry about it at all. At best he doesn’t want to die, but even when a swordsman runs after him making magic to catch him, he still care more about helping out some random girl on the street than running away.  Either the guy is the kindest person in the universe, or he is simply the most dense and oblivious anime protagonist to have ever existed (or maybe second densest, for those who have seen Blood-C).

I really want to see and know what this anime will be all about, but for now, I think I can appreciate it and be satisfied with the naked cat and the awesome OP that we were finally able to see this episode !

ZeroGhj signing off

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